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Bye, Bye BioTech

Cameron Ziegenfus, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

National Anthem, interrupted

National Anthem, interrupted
Krista Cleary, Business Manager March 13, 2018

Students reject an act of diversity

Black Student Union created Black History Month posters that were later ripped off the walls. The club continues to represent student diversity and advocate for student unity.
Lauren Edelman, News Editor March 1, 2018

Danville Library opens new teen space

Teen Advisory Board members and Town Council members cut the ribbon officially opening the new Teen
Zone at the Danville Library.
Lauren Edelman, News Editor January 31, 2018

MV students receive Town of Danville awards

Monte Vista seniors Lauren Edelman and Katie Wong accept an Award of Merit for their extensive dedication in making Danville a better community. Brady Martin, also a Monte Vista senior, received an award the same night for his involvement in the Monte Vista community.
Krista Cleary, Business Manager January 31, 2018

CHP enforces safety in SRVUSD

CHP enforces safety in SRVUSD
Claire Chu, Online, CC Spin, PR/Communications Editor January 31, 2018

BREAKING – Updates: What’s the deal with the fire?

Robin Hyun and Lauren Edelman, Feature and News Editor October 12, 2017

Low funds are affecting class sizes

Caption: In an Honors Chemistry class, sophomore Sabeel Abboushi sits at a lab table while all the other students sit at a student desk due to a large class. She discovered the challenge of learning at this seat for the first weeks of school. (Courtesy of Claire Chu)
Claire Chu, Online. CC Spin, PR/Communications Editor October 5, 2017

Little Rock 9 member speaks at MV

Terrence Roberts speaks to students from around the district. He was a member of the Little Rock Nine who were the first African Americans to go to an all white high school in Arkansas.
Sumin Lim, CC Spin Editor March 20, 2017


Grace Wensley, Editor-In-Chief February 24, 2017
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