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Lights, Camera, Covid

A San Fransisco based theater displays a positive message to pedestrians passing by. Theaters have been shut down in California since mid-March and only now are we beginning to see them reopen in a safe manner.
Brooklyn Weber, Sports Editor November 5, 2020

Inside a muggle’s mind: Draco TikTok

Draco Malfoy, played by actor Tom Felton, has captured the hearts of millions of girls on TikTok. With his photographers having him stare so deeply into the camera like this, there is little confusion as to why his fan base is so large.
Shreya Bhasin, Social Media Manager November 4, 2020

Despite pandemic, Monte Vista sings on

Monte Vista's Concert Choir sings
Claire Sohn, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Halloween during the pandemic

A Halloween decoration participates in safety precautions amidst the COVID pandemic.
Zoe Qian, Staff Writer November 3, 2020

Musicians adapt to the pandemic 

Anjana Dasam, A&E Editor November 2, 2020

Netflix’s The Politician addresses important issues

Benjamin Platt (Payton Hobart) and Gwyneth Paltrow (Georgina Hobart) announcing the release date of their new series The Politician, streaming starts September 27, 2019 on Netflix.
Gabby Ceccarelli, Social Media Manager November 14, 2019

Behind the Scandal

Movie poster for the Lifetime movie The College Admissions Scandal, premiered October 12, 2019.
Gabby Ceccarelli, Social Media Manager November 14, 2019

Comprehensive review: The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse from the mind of Robert Eggers starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. These two shine throughout the film and watch out as they are early Oscar contenders.
Brooklyn Weber, Staff Writer November 14, 2019
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