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Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda ejected from the game after umpires discover pine tar on his neck. Statistics suggest a correlation between substance use and batter safety.
Legalizing grip-enhancing substances for MLB pitchers: a step towards batter safety
Edi Zhang, Editor-in-Chief

A twenty-pound bowling ball falling on your head from under a ten-foot basketball hoop produces the same kinetic energy as a 90 mph fastball hitting your head. The amount of batters...

Monte Vista students studying during a personal finance class lecture. Students and teachers put an emphasis on the importance of this class primarily for Juniors and Seniors navigating how to manage their finances, or those simply intrigued to learn more about the topic.
The case for financial literacy
Maraki Amare

When it comes to some of the main principles of financial literacy such as budgeting, saving, investing, and spending, the skill level that people have in grasping these concepts...

The study functions on Quizlet have been free for a few months, but with the introduction of QuizletPlus, the study functions now cost money. Quizlet was a great tool for many students, the app helped students learn class material and pass their tests.
Quizlet costing money
Madeline Wiener

Learn it, match it, test it; Quizlet has it all, except now there is a price to pay for the once free educational app used by students across the nation.       The groundwork...

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The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.
The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.