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Students are depicted with boxes of donation materials for their non-profit organizations. Starting a non-profit organization is marketed as a “silver bullet” towards college admission, but the consequences of doing so solely for college acceptance can be dire.
Student Non-Profits: Selfless or Selfish
Olivia Brandeis

Empty tubs of Ben and Jerrys, tear stained tissues, and “Driver's License” on repeat. No this isn’t a high school breakup, it’s college admissions season. For most high...

Celebrity and influencer Kendall Jenner wears the Hockney dress by the luxury brand House of Sunny. The dress skyrocketed in short-lived popularity during the summer of 2020 after going viral on platforms like TikTok, and is known as one of the most popular microtrends of the year.
Microtrends: out of style next month
Macie Calvert

Velvet scrunchies. Gingham dresses. Puravida bracelets. Chunky rings. In the past few years, the amount of time in which clothes and accessories have cycled through popularity...

Ugh! Get a room…but make it out of glass so I can watch to my heart’s content, obviously!
PDA: Please Do(n't) Admire
Siena Vu and Aarushi Khurana

   PDA—Public Displays of Affection. A glorious phenomenon spreading throughout Monte Vista like a romantic disease, one full of love and teenage hormones.      One...

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The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.