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The schedule for the three administrations of AP Exams this year
AP Exams During the Pandemic
Emily Ma

     Adding on to the stress high school students have from schoolwork and extracurricular activities during the pandemic, the College Board is continuing with AP (Advanced...

President Joe Biden issued an executive order allowing transgender athletes to compete with their preferred sex.
Executive order allows transgender athletes to compete with members of preferred sex
Lana Polley

President Joe Biden issued a variety of orders during his first days in office, one of which allowed transgender athletes to compete in sports with members of their preferred sex....

Many Dark Academia posts are similar to the one above, depicting Instagram posts like lookbooks, book recommendations, and guides to the popular aesthetic. Dark Academia social media accounts are found most prevalently on Instagram and Tumblr.
Dark academia: Where the studious are in style
Macie Calvert

You’ll find them on TikTok, Instagram, or the corners of libraries, poring over a Donna Tartt novel, decked out in black turtlenecks, plaid blazers, and gold vintage jewelry. Dark...

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The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.
The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.