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The daily BeReal notification goes off at a random time each day. The goal was for friends to see what people were doing at any time, but the app has far from achieved that goal.
BeReal? more like, BeFake
Emma Hedican

BeReal was designed to have a more casual and realistic quality to it compared to other social media apps. No likes, no follower count, no time to premeditate posts. But despite...

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where people post their most “chronically online” takes. Lately, more people have noticed an increase in these kind of posts.
Generation Z’s new addiction
Aarushi Khurana

When you think of the word ‘addiction,' you might think of illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine. But there’s a new kind of addiction affecting generation Z: social media.     Social...

Monte Vista High School drama teacher, Christopher Connor, is lecturing his stage productions class. Class sizes for him and other art teachers have decreased.
The Arts: Are They Out of Style?
Mia Garcia

The arts form the foundation of our culture and history, and they hold stories of the successes and failures of past generations. They are as important today as they were in the...

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The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.
The official news publication of Monte Vista High School.