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2017-2018 Staff

Saman Ali

Staff Writer

Saman Ali follows her sister's footsteps by taking journalism this year. She's always liked writing, especially writing music. Saman is a sophomore at Monte Vista and she loves to make people laugh and be happy.

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Dominique Bright

Staff Writer

Dominique Bright is a kind and crazy girl. Her likings range from chocolate ice cream to whip cream with jalapeños on pizza. She is sometimes a lunatic for too many different shows. She has five siblings and hopes two more are...

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Severino Bertolero

Staff Writer

Severino Bertolero's name is Italian, named after my Italian great grandfather. He is a very sporty and active guy who finds exercise to be fun. Severino loves to be creative in almost any situation that could be considered...

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Hailey Capovilla

Staff Writer

Hailey Capovilla, a current 12th grader here at Monte Vista, is both sadden and excited about concluding her last year of high school. She desires to become a broadcast journalist when she graduates college and has already begun...

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Isabella Cerrone

Staff Writer

Bella is a freshman, whose favorite activity is reading. She has an unexplainable interest in psychology. One of her goals in life is to publish a book. Every summer, she attends a Type 1 Diabetic Camp, to learn more about her...

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Brandon Chu

Staff Writer

Brandon is excited to see what journalism has to offer for him and what he will surely learn from the experience. Brandon prefers to think of himself as mostly self-reliant, but would not abolish the fact that he often does...

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Catalina Jacobs

Staff Writer

Catalina Jacobs participates in both high school and all star cheer. She loves to watch YouTubers Dan and Phil and on Netflix she loves to watch Supernatural. Catalina Jacobs loves to read and write.

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Austin Jeha

Staff Writer

Austin Jeha is a junior at Monte Vista High School. He enjoys playing video game. Austin has one dog and two cats - all cute and annoying at the same time. He switches between living in Danville and Martinez.

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Manahil Rizvi

Staff Writer

Manahil is a fifteen year old sophomore at Monte Vista High School. Her favorite subject is English. Outside of school she loves to play Ice Hockey and hang out with her friends. She was born in Chicago, Illinois and her favorite...

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Harleen Kamboj

Staff Writer

Harlan Kamboj is a student at Monte Vista High School. She loves to volunteer at hospitals, go to the gym, and learn new things. Harlan tries to stay active and energized.

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Raquel Montelindo

Staff Writer

Raquel Montelindo is a sophomore and is a huge Potterhead. She is a part of the Monte Vista choir program. One of her hobbies is to bake and try out new recipes. Raquel loves rock and alternative music, especially Van Halen, Against...

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Samuel O'Connell

Senior Staff Writer

Sam is currently a senior at Monte Vista and has been writing for the school newspaper for three years. He also plays too many hours of tennis, and hangs out at random tennis clubs. He is very excited to be a part of The Stampede aga...

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Christopher Polo

Senior Staff Writer

This is Chris Polo’s third year in journalism. He is really into sports and he plays basketball. Later in his life he wants to have his own sports radio show or be a journalist for ESPN or Bleacher Report. He is really excited...

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Anthony Santa Maria

Staff Writer

Anthony Santa Maria is a sophomore at Monte Vista. This will be his first year writing for the paper. He loves sports, especially basketball and golf. Anthony enjoys the mountains and country music.

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Sahej Sidhu

Staff Writer

Sahej Sidhu was born 16 years ago in Fremont, California. She is currently a junior attending Monte Vista High School. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and eating food.

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Nicholas Whiteaker

Staff Writer

Nick Whiteaker lives with his parents, two younger brothers, and two dogs. He moved here from the east coast a few years ago, but was born in California. Nick took journalism because in the future, he wants to write articles...

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Timothy Yue

Staff Writer

Timothy Yue had its parts made In China, but was manufactured right here in the USA. He enjoys long walks on the beach, or he would, if it wasn't for the fact that he spends all his free time locked in in a closet watching Japanese...

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Eshana Seshadri

Audio/Visual Editor

Eshana Seshadri is currently a senior at Monte Vista as well as a third year staff member on The Stampede. This is the second year she is social media editor for the newspaper. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her...

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Tina Sui

Online Editor and Audio/Visual Editor

Tina Sui is a senior at Monte Vista, and this is her third year in Journalism. She is the online editor for the school paper. In her free time, Tina enjoys reading books, binge watching Criminal Minds and SVU, and getting ice...

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Krista Cleary

Business Manager and PR/Communications Editor

Krista Cleary is a senior at Monte Vista, this is her third year in journalism and her second year being the business manager for The Stampede. Outside of her love for journalism, Krista is very passionate about music; she play...

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Claire Chu

Online Editor, PR/Communications Editor, CC Spin Editor

Claire Chu is a sophomore and second-year journalist. She enjoys writing and learning about what's happening in the community, especially through articles. Whenever she has the chance, Claire loves to travel, volunteer, laugh...

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Joshua Elliott

A&E Editor

Josh Elliott is currently a senior and the A&E editor for The Stampede. He was born in Austin, Texas and has a twin sister. He enjoys playing electric guitar and singing karaoke when no one is home. He survives mostly on smoothies...

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Sumin Lim

Sports Editor

Sumin Lim is currently a junior at Monte Vista as well as a third year staff member on The Stampede. She is the sports editor for the paper and is very excited for this upcoming year. Her favorite pastimes are playing with dog...

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Robin Hyun

Feature Editor

Robin Hyun is a senior who is the feature editor at Monte Vista's newspaper The Stampede. Her idol is Guy Fieri, whom she aspires to meet someday.  During her free time she enjoys watching shows like Bob's Burgers and Rick...

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Mikayla Flores

Op/Ed Editor

Mikayla Flores is a senior on The Stampede Staff. She was the Sports editor last year and is the Od/Ed editor this year. Some fun facts about Mikayla are: she loves In-N-Out, she is really bad at doing her hair, and she loves...

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Lauren Edelman

News Editor

Lauren is taking her third year of Journalism as News Editor for the Stampede.  She's embarking into her senior year with high hopes - and high stress - for college preparation. Stop by the Danville Library - morning, day, and...

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Lauren Walker

Managing Editor

Lauren Walker is a senior at Monte Vista High School. This is her third year in journalism and she is currently the Managing Editor.t prefers to write Op/Ed, but also enjoys to write for Feature and News. Lauren's favorite activities...

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Maddie Dailey


Maddie Dailey is going into her fourth and final year of journalism at Monte Vista and will be running the paper as Editor-in-Chief.  She is so excited to work hard to put out a great product for one more year.  Writing has...

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