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  • April 23Women's Lax: MV-12 Davis-15

  • April 23Baseball: MV-1 Washington-6

  • April 19Women's Lax: MV-13 DV-11

  • April 19Men's Lax: MV-17 DV-6

  • April 19Baseball: MV-1 Cal-0

2018-2019 Staff

Sumin Lim


Sumin Lim is an optimistic yet somewhat cynical senior excited to be The Stampede’s editor-in-chief this year. This is her fourth and final year being a part of this paper, and although she is looking forward to the upcoming ch...

Claire Chu

Managing Editor

Claire Chu is a junior and Managing Editor in her third year for The Stampede. She occupies most of her time outside of school volunteering for the youth, tutoring kids, playing piano, and exploring her favorite pastime: writing ...

Anthony Santa Maria

News Editor & Social Media Manager

Anthony Santa Maria is a junior at Monte Vista. This will be his second year writing for the paper and will be the news editor for the Stampede. Anthony loves sports, especially basketball and golf and plays for the Monte Vista...

Raquel Montelindo

Feature Editor

Raquel Montelindo is the Feature Editor for The Stampede. She enjoys baking and reading, especially books like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Book Thief. She is also a member of Monte Vista’s choir program. A major ...

Saman Ali

Op/ed Editor

Saman Ali is a junior at Monte Vista. This is her second year writing for the Stampede, and is currently the Op/Ed editor. Saman is a certified speaker for ING (Islamic Networks Group) and is a speaker in the Muslims Contemporary...

Isabella Cerrone

A&E Editor

As of this year, Isabella is currently a sophomore here at Monte Vista and is the arts and entertainment editor for the Stampede. She has always found herself drawn to a future that would incorporate her love for writing and creati...

Manahil Rizvi

Sports Editor

Manahil Rizvi is a junior at Monte Vista. This is her second year as a staff member of The Stampede and is the current sports editor. Her favorite pastimes are playing and watching ice hockey. When Manahil is not playing or watch...

Sahej Sidhu

Online Editor and CC Spin Editor

Sahej Sidhu is currently entering her senior year at Monte Vista High School. She was born on December 27, 2000, making her 17 years old, as well as a Capricorn. Speaking of the Zodiac, one of her passions is the study of Astrology....

Nicholas Whiteaker

Online Editor and Business Manager

Nick Whiteaker is one of the editors of The Stampede and is a sophomore at Monte Vista. This would be his second year with The Stampede, and he hopes to make this year even better than the last in his new position as business m...

Gannon Schulz

Staff Writer

Gannon Schulz is a senior entering his first year of journalism as a staff writer. He decided to join the class after his English teacher recommended journalism due to his strength in writing,  approaching attitude, and free expression. ...

Alexa Andris

Staff Writer

Alexa Andris is currently a junior at Monte Vista High School. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, writing, traveling, and watching sports. She moved from San Diego before sophomore year, and especially enjoys Monte Vista’s...

Amaya Ghoshal

Staff Writer

Amaya Ghoshal is a sophomore at Monte Vista High School. She has been dancing since she was two years old and competitively since she was five. Other than dancing she enjoys running, baking and hanging out with her friends. Her ...

Cameron Ziegenfus

Staff Writer

Cameron Ziegenfus is a current Junior at Monte Vista High School. In her free time, she loves to run, dance, cook, eat, and play with her German Shepard, Mars. Cameron has lived in Mexico, Japan, and England. She has traveled t...

Jacklyn Taylor

Staff Writer

This is Jacklyn Taylor. Jacklyn is a junior at Monte Vista and this will be her first year joining journalism. She is full Italian and would totally love it if she were part Hawaiian, mainly because she could spend countless ...

Marie Shavkel

Staff Writer

Marie Olegovna Shvakel is a 14-year-old freshman. She enjoys dancing and has been doing it for over 10 years. She is most experienced in classical ballet. Marie also has a newfound interest in computer science. She created her own game t...

Seta Salkhi

Staff Writer

Seta Salkhi is a sophomore transfer student from San Ramon Valley, hoping to find a new and confident stride strutting in red and black. Writing and English are her favorite in-school subjects, with history at a close second....

Lauryn Leong

Staff Writer

Lauryn Leong is a junior and a first-year journalist. She is a huge fan of Disney and loves going on Disney trips with her family. Lauryn enjoys writing fictional stories and especially likes art class at Monte Vista. She loves...

Ava Hunt

Staff Writer

Ava is a sophomore, and this is her first year in journalism. She loves to surf and skateboard in her spare time. She plays on the Monte Vista softball team and works as a soccer referee to make money. She is very excited to ...

Allison Hughes

Staff Writer

Ally Hughes is a sophomore at Monte Vista who moved here from Texas the summer of 2018. She enjoys spending her time playing volleyball, doing art, hanging out with friends and reading. She likes volunteering and always loves...

Natalie Howard

Staff Writer

Natalie Howard is currently a sophomore at Monte vista high school and this is her first year of journalism, and she is looking forward learning more about the subject. Natalie swims for the Monte Vista swim team, she is hard...

Jack Heenan

Staff Writer

Jack Heenan is a student attending Monte Vista high school. He is seventeen years old. Jack is a student who is very devoted to his studies. Jack is a committed family member and a caring one. Jack is an excellent martial artist....

Mason Hanshaw

Staff Writer

Mason is a metal enthusiast, enjoying bands such as Metallica, Slipknot, and Slayer. He has also been playing drums for 5 years, and playing baseball for 10 years. In the spring of last year, Mason played freshman baseball with...

Anjana Dasam

Staff Writer

Anjana Dasam is a Freshman at Monte Vista High School. Anjana has always had a passion for writing, and this year she has a chance to pursue this talent. Along with writing, she also loves musical theater and loves to sing! Being...

Matthew Colchico

Staff Writer

Matthew Colchico is a freshman at Monte Vista, just starting out. Matthew likes to play basketball, and will be trying out for the freshman team, hoping to get into the program, he also plays golf and baseball. Some of Matthew's...

Conrad Bezuidenhout

Staff Writer

Conrad is a creative, fun, and aspiring writer with a vivid imagination. He loves the ability to write and express what's on his mind and is excited to be writing for The Stampede. His favorite activities are reading, writing,...

Adya Agarwal

Staff Writer

Adya Agarwal is a sophomore at Monte Vista and has deep passion for writing and music. When she is not watching Netflix or listening to music, Adya spends her time playing flute in the marching band. Overall, she loves being creative,...

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