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Monte Vista’s graduation requirements and are listed above for student reference, along with a list of the credits necessary to get into colleges of different levels. Students can find printed versions of this sheet in the main office for personal reference and use.

What Should be Mandatory to Learn in School?

Savannah Ashe February 21, 2024

      I don’t think I can stand to learn about alliteration one more time. After each repetitive lesson I’m left wondering why students are forced to learn certain things in school. This thought...

Monte Vista High Schools production of the Mean Girls musical. The schools rendition showed a relatable experience of teenage drama explored in the original film.

Mean Girls: the Movie, the Musical, and the Movement

Maeleen Parmar February 21, 2024

     Tina Fey’s 2004 teen comedy “Mean Girls" has had undeniable impact on both the millennials that the film was targeted towards, and subsequent generations.       What made Mean Girls...

The death of paper books

Sienna Wong February 21, 2024

     It’s a quiet Saturday evening. Parents and siblings are tucked away in their respective rooms so the house is silent, save for the steady trickle of raindrops on the roof. You nestle into the...

Ring in the “new” me

Esther Premazzi February 21, 2024

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!       Ah… the start of a new year. You know what that means… time for New Year’s resolutions. In case you live under a rock and somehow don’t know what...

An instance of the county bus on a Monday or odd scheduled day.  The usual crowd was there, of course.

The County Bus Experience

Temiloluwa Adalumo January 16, 2024

     Don’t you just love going home after a long day of school?  You spend the last few minutes of class just waiting for the chance to dash out to…where exactly?  Walk?  Your house is too far...

School lunch needs a revamp

Esther Premazzi January 16, 2024

     Every single day, the Monte Vista student body piles into the Commons for their free lunch. If you ask if the food is good, most students would probably answer along the lines of “meh” or “depends...

Importance of Funding Special Needs Programs

Importance of Funding Special Needs Programs

Mya Chan January 16, 2024

     It is highly likely that you have encountered someone in your life with a disability you were completely unaware of. These conditions can take many forms, some so subtle that they go unnoticed....

MV student clubs take on politics

Maraki Amare January 16, 2024

     With the opportunity for pre-registration in elections by the age of 16, many high school students in California are taking advantage of this chance. As young U.S. citizens, students are eager...

An Overhaul of School Spirit Week

Temiloluwa Adalumo and Claudia Chung January 16, 2024

Main Pitch      Here’s our pitch to boost engagement.  It centers around the idea that instead of multiple themes in a spirit week, there should be a singular concept(?), helping to eliminate...

Graph shows the increase of competition and decrease in admissions of Ivy League schools since 2007

Projects Without Passion

Maeleen Parmar January 16, 2024

    “How many APs are you taking?” has become one of the most common questions asked when talking about school. It has become the bare minimum to take at least a couple weighted classes per year,...

The Academic Comeback

Nicole McClure January 16, 2024

     Okay let’s admit it. Ever since consent forms turned into book reports and icebreaker questions became math problems, you have been slacking. September, October and November were true to their...

Mina Le in a new video on Youtube as she talks about girl culture.

By Girls, For Girls, Supported by Girls

Maeleen Parmar and Sumeya Shergill November 3, 2023

     “Hot girls are walking, girls are blogging, dinner is girl, 40 year old men are girls, we are in a girl economy.” Youtuber Mina Le explained in a recent video. She covered the topics of the...

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