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Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda ejected from the game after umpires discover pine tar on his neck. Statistics suggest a correlation between substance use and batter safety.

Legalizing grip-enhancing substances for MLB pitchers: a step towards batter safety

Edi Zhang, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2022

A twenty-pound bowling ball falling on your head from under a ten-foot basketball hoop produces the same kinetic energy as a 90 mph fastball hitting your head. The amount of batters getting hit by pitches...

Monte Vista students studying during a personal finance class lecture. Students and teachers put an emphasis on the importance of this class primarily for Juniors and Seniors navigating how to manage their finances, or those simply intrigued to learn more about the topic.

The case for financial literacy

Maraki Amare December 12, 2022

When it comes to some of the main principles of financial literacy such as budgeting, saving, investing, and spending, the skill level that people have in grasping these concepts will remain necessary...

Kanye West prepares for his interview with Alex Jones. This interview has caused much controversy in recent weeks.

Kanye Krazy

Julian McMahan December 12, 2022

Kanye West. You may know him from his music, fashion, family, or maybe his radical opinions. As a Kanye West fan, it’s getting hard to maintain my support. West has always been known to make questionable...

The study functions on Quizlet have been free for a few months, but with the introduction of QuizletPlus, the study functions now cost money. Quizlet was a great tool for many students, the app helped students learn class material and pass their tests.

Quizlet costing money

Madeline Wiener December 12, 2022

Learn it, match it, test it; Quizlet has it all, except now there is a price to pay for the once free educational app used by students across the nation.       The groundwork of the app allows...

I hate booktok.

I hate booktok.

Siena Vu December 12, 2022

I’m kidding, of course. I adore BookTok in the technical sense. I love, as the Urban Dictionary defines it, “a niche of TikTok where readers… post content relating to books.”       What...

The Little Mermaid which came out in 1989 (right) compared to the new live-action version of The Little Mermaid coming out in 2023. In the new live-action movie, Ariel is played by African-American actress Halle Bailey.

Changing original characters

Esther Premazzi December 12, 2022

As time goes by, it is common to see slight changes here and there with movie characters to make them seem more modernized: different clothes, hairstyles, etc. However, at times, producers and directors...

Ads for shaving appeal to women by exploiting their insecurities regarding their body hair. This ad was released in 1922 and helped to further entrench the hairless beauty standard.

Body hair? don’t care

Alexa Fo December 12, 2022

Hot wax, lasers, razors—different tools women use every day to remove hair in areas deemed undesirable for women: legs, underarms, bikini line, and even stomach, back, and feet. But why? To achieve a...

Free YSL

Dylan Tell December 8, 2022

It’s been nearly half a year since rappers Young Thug and Gunna were arrested on racketeering charges.  Racketeering is a form of organized crime that involves some sort of fraud or violence in order...

The daily BeReal notification goes off at a random time each day. The goal was for friends to see what people were doing at any time, but the app has far from achieved that goal.

BeReal? more like, BeFake

Emma Hedican October 25, 2022

BeReal was designed to have a more casual and realistic quality to it compared to other social media apps. No likes, no follower count, no time to premeditate posts. But despite these efforts to keep it...

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where people post their most “chronically online” takes. Lately, more people have noticed an increase in these kind of posts.

Generation Z’s new addiction

Aarushi Khurana October 18, 2022

When you think of the word ‘addiction,' you might think of illicit drugs like heroin or cocaine. But there’s a new kind of addiction affecting generation Z: social media.     Social media used...

A “nice” guy hoping to snag a girlfriend by being overly chivalrous. He expected by doing so, he would get an automatic ticket to a date.

Nice guy or “Nice” guy

Alicia Kim October 18, 2022

When he opens the door for you, pays for dinner on the first date, and showers you with gifts and affection, does your heart start to flutter? He acts like your knight in shining armor, your courteous...

Monte Vista High School drama teacher, Christopher Connor, is lecturing his stage productions class. Class sizes for him and other art teachers have decreased.

The Arts: Are They Out of Style?

Mia Garcia October 18, 2022

The arts form the foundation of our culture and history, and they hold stories of the successes and failures of past generations. They are as important today as they were in the past, and yet today there...

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