The Stampede

An Overhaul of School Spirit Week

Temiloluwa Adalumo and Claudia Chung January 16, 2024

Main Pitch      Here’s our pitch to boost engagement.  It centers around the idea that instead of multiple themes in a spirit week, there should be a singular concept(?), helping to eliminate...

Graph shows the increase of competition and decrease in admissions of Ivy League schools since 2007

Projects Without Passion

Maeleen Parmar January 16, 2024

    “How many APs are you taking?” has become one of the most common questions asked when talking about school. It has become the bare minimum to take at least a couple weighted classes per year,...

The Academic Comeback

Nicole McClure January 16, 2024

     Okay let’s admit it. Ever since consent forms turned into book reports and icebreaker questions became math problems, you have been slacking. September, October and November were true to their...

Mina Le in a new video on Youtube as she talks about girl culture.

By Girls, For Girls, Supported by Girls

Maeleen Parmar and Sumeya Shergill November 3, 2023

     “Hot girls are walking, girls are blogging, dinner is girl, 40 year old men are girls, we are in a girl economy.” Youtuber Mina Le explained in a recent video. She covered the topics of the...

Calculator Dilema

Maksim Korostelev November 3, 2023

Why can’t we use our Graphing calculators in our Science classes? Many students at Monte Vista find out that after buying a very expensive graphing calculator they can't use it in science class and...

Homecoming expectation vs. reality

Esther Premazzi November 3, 2023

     Finally, we’ve hit mid-September. It's homecoming season. You’ve been dreaming of your first high school homecoming dance ever since you were little and watched how amazing it is in all the...

Homecoming: A Deep Dive

Nicole McClure November 3, 2023

     Growing up, it was easy to get lost in the fantasies of our teenage years. We thought stepping onto the movie set of highschool would be the official start to our lives.  Thanks to classics such...

The homecoming theme announcement post featured on Instagram. Many students weren’t supportive of the theme.

Scrolling Through or Swiping Left On Homecoming?

Natasha Yee November 3, 2023

     The dance is over, homecoming season 2023 has come to an end, and many are grateful to forget this controversial theme and move on.      This year, leadership picked mobile apps to represent...

Masks: A Seasonal Mandate?

Mia Garcia November 3, 2023

     The months of the year in which students prepare for temperatures to drop and holidays to begin have been dubbed the “ber” months. During these spectacular months, we bake cookies, go to holiday...

A student struggling with their academic studies and is visibly stressed.  At Monte Vista, there are many tools to help one with this situation.

Monte Vista School Stress

Tucker Kiltz November 3, 2023

With the school year starting so does academic stress and difficulty in school. Many students deal with this, and it has become a growing problem in education and their learning inside the classroom.       How...

I Don’t Get Halloween

Mya Chan October 24, 2023

     I bet 90% of people don’t even know the point of Halloween. I sure don’t. Legend has it that people wore costumes to ward off ghosts and disguise themselves from evil spirits. I mean, how many...

Juvenile Detention or High School?

Alicia Kim, Mya Chan, and Gracyn Ard September 19, 2023

Students, sit back and behold the marvel that is Monte Vista, an “educational” institution that has seamlessly become a state-of-the-art youth detention center! The closed campus, security guards at...

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