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College counselors charge a large sum of money for their services. These counselors make promises to families in order to justify the amount of money they charge.

College counselors: worth the money?

Shreya Bhasin and Paviter Randhawa February 19, 2022

     The pressure of going to a top college is very apparent in this day and age, families are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure a spot for their kids. But not everyone has that ability, does...

Romance novels revolve around the ideas and desires of women and have been criticized for not being real literature. But like any other genre, romance is equally as valuable.

Romance novels: real literature or brainless fluff?

Marie Shvakel February 19, 2022

Thick paperback novels. A damsel in distress gazing admiringly at her knight in shining armor with flowing brunette locks and the unfortunate white blouse barely covering his rock-hard abs.       This...

Such costumes disrespect aspects of cultures and enhance stereotypes. In addition, cultural appropriation belittles the history of minorities and makes their culture an aesthetic.

Stop appropriating and start appreciating

Alicia Kim February 19, 2022

Should we “cancel” somebody that is not black for wearing cornrows? A non-Japanese person for wearing kimonos? A non-Hispanic person for wearing a quechquémitl? The answer centers around the topic...

As students returned to in person learning, school shootings continue to make headlines. The pandemic showed us that improving student’s mental health is one component in preventing school shootings.

School shootings: a bandaid on a bullet wound

Olivia Brandeis and Maya Bhatt February 19, 2022

     The back-to-school season is often filled with anticipation and excitement but it isn’t until students are hiding under a desk, texting their mom “I love you” that their excitement turns...

Intersectional feminism includes all types of women and this successful alliance will help us achieve equality.

The issue with white feminism

Paviter Randhawa December 13, 2021

The feminism movement has continued to gain support for decades now; however, this blanket term tends to only include and protect white women. The feminist agenda implies equality and inclusivity, but...

The Native Americans are looking at their killers in horror. In the Pequot massacre, those who came out of their homes were beaten to death while their houses and families burnt inside.

Give Thanks to the Natives!

Alicia Kim December 13, 2021

Turkeys and stuffing and pies, oh my! Start the ovens, clean your house, and bring out the “good” plates.       You may have learned about this holiday through movies such as Free Birds or...

Harry Styles held an indoor concert in the San Jose SAP center on November 11. Though the crowd was packed, the usage of masks was enforced.

The increasing risks of concerts

Esther Premazzi December 13, 2021

 As COVID-19 restrictions have loosened, the attendance of students at concerts have increased, causing a rise in COVID-19 cases.       While the pandemic has persisted, many people have found...

Many bookstores now designate certain books as products that have gone viral on Booktok. Booktoks popularity has caused some authors to market their books on the app in hopes of gaining popularity among the large teenage audience.

Thanks to TikTok, more teens are reading for fun

Macie Calvert December 13, 2021

   The average high school student can probably tell you that the last time they read a book for fun, silly bandz were still a thing, skinny jeans were trendy, and it was the Percy Jackson heyday. Though...

Amy Dunne in Gone Girl is one of the most famed depictions of the Good for her trope in film. In this trope, the female leads overcome patriarchal obstacles and enact revenge.

The “Good for Her” Cinematic Universe: Psychopath or Girlboss?

Marie Shvakel December 13, 2021

For decades in film, women have been depicted in various flattering ways: the psycho ex-girlfriend, the awkward virgin, the introverted nerd, the damsel in distress, and many more. But in recent years,...

Michael Jordan, former professional basketball player, playing for the Chicago Bulls. He is the highest earning athlete, with 2.62 billion dollars (adjusted for inflation).

Are Athletes Overpaid?

Aarushi Khurana December 13, 2021

     Athletes possess exceptional skills and talent that others don’t have, and generally they are greatly rewarded for having these talents. Yet many argue that they are being paid too much, and...

The mosh pit of this year’s homecoming dance filled with people dancing. Very few people were masked and were very close to each other.

Monte Vista: Just Another Superspreader?

Esther Premazzi October 29, 2021

With no requirement of masks at crowded school events, Monte Vista High School does a poor job at managing the spread of COVID-19.       Since the start of the 2021-2022 school year, wearing a...

Joe Jonas and his wife, Sophie Turner flexing their vaccine bandaid. On April 8. 2021, Jonas and Turner received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Stop the Spread: Make the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandatory

Alicia Kim October 29, 2021

As of October 1. 2021, there have been 25 cases of COVID-19 at Monte Vista. Students and staff members alike are able to stop the spread of this virus by receiving proper doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.      Over...

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