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Three strong female athletes from left to right: Mary Lou Retton, Megan Rapinoe, and Serena Williams experience memorable achievements in their sports. Many have looked up to female athletes for facing harsh criticism in sports, and having strength to overcome it.

Gender Stereotypes Impact Women In Sports

Maraki Amare October 18, 2022

Women are constantly teared down with harmful gender stereotypes regarding sports. Therefore, it raises the tough question, will women ever see an end to harsh criticism in the sports world and be seen...

A focused teenage boy working on homework while listening to music through headphones.

Listening to Music and Working: The Secret to Productivity?

Tatum McNichols October 18, 2022

Heads down, headphones on.       Throughout our lives, music is used as a powerful tool. Whether you’re feeling anxious, frustrated, or sad—-music can often provide a sense of relaxation and...

The political grip on female reproductive rights stems from the social expectation that women produce children.

The right to reject pregnancy

Zoe Qian April 13, 2022

Women have won the right to vote and make an income. There have been women in space. A woman is now Vice President of the United States! But society still clutches onto an unreasonable demand for women...

Students are depicted with boxes of donation materials for their non-profit organizations. Starting a non-profit organization is marketed as a “silver bullet” towards college admission, but the consequences of doing so solely for college acceptance can be dire.

Student Non-Profits: Selfless or Selfish

Olivia Brandeis April 13, 2022

Empty tubs of Ben and Jerrys, tear stained tissues, and “Driver's License” on repeat. No this isn’t a high school breakup, it’s college admissions season. For most high school students, college...

Celebrity and influencer Kendall Jenner wears the Hockney dress by the luxury brand House of Sunny. The dress skyrocketed in short-lived popularity during the summer of 2020 after going viral on platforms like TikTok, and is known as one of the most popular microtrends of the year.

Microtrends: out of style next month

Macie Calvert April 13, 2022

Velvet scrunchies. Gingham dresses. Puravida bracelets. Chunky rings. In the past few years, the amount of time in which clothes and accessories have cycled through popularity has shrunk dramatically.       Trends...

Ugh! Get a room…but make it out of glass so I can watch to my heart’s content, obviously!

PDA: Please Do(n’t) Admire

Siena Vu and Aarushi Khurana April 13, 2022

   PDA—Public Displays of Affection. A glorious phenomenon spreading throughout Monte Vista like a romantic disease, one full of love and teenage hormones.      One yearns to see couples at...

Lia Thomas gets ready to race at the 2022 NCAA Division 1 Womens Swimming and Diving Championships in Atlanta, Georgia. Thomas, a transgender woman, blew away her competition in the 500-yard freestyle.

Lia Thomas: a step away from fair competition

Edi Zhang, Feature Editor March 25, 2022

  In the recent NCAA Division 1 Swimming and Diving Championships, Lia Thomas created a storm of controversy over transgender women athletes after winning the 500-yard freestyle.       Thomas,...

Many Asian creators have been gaining popularity through making racial jokes and playing into Asian stereotypes.

Justifying jaundiced jesters

Zoe Qian February 19, 2022

His only plans are probably to stay home and cook rice.      Steven He creates popular video content characterized by heavy East Asian accents and stereotypes. This brand of race-based humor may...

College counselors charge a large sum of money for their services. These counselors make promises to families in order to justify the amount of money they charge.

College counselors: worth the money?

Shreya Bhasin and Paviter Randhawa February 19, 2022

     The pressure of going to a top college is very apparent in this day and age, families are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure a spot for their kids. But not everyone has that ability, does...

Romance novels revolve around the ideas and desires of women and have been criticized for not being real literature. But like any other genre, romance is equally as valuable.

Romance novels: real literature or brainless fluff?

Marie Shvakel February 19, 2022

Thick paperback novels. A damsel in distress gazing admiringly at her knight in shining armor with flowing brunette locks and the unfortunate white blouse barely covering his rock-hard abs.       This...

Such costumes disrespect aspects of cultures and enhance stereotypes. In addition, cultural appropriation belittles the history of minorities and makes their culture an aesthetic.

Stop appropriating and start appreciating

Alicia Kim February 19, 2022

Should we “cancel” somebody that is not black for wearing cornrows? A non-Japanese person for wearing kimonos? A non-Hispanic person for wearing a quechquémitl? The answer centers around the topic...

As students returned to in person learning, school shootings continue to make headlines. The pandemic showed us that improving student’s mental health is one component in preventing school shootings.

School shootings: a bandaid on a bullet wound

Olivia Brandeis and Maya Bhatt February 19, 2022

     The back-to-school season is often filled with anticipation and excitement but it isn’t until students are hiding under a desk, texting their mom “I love you” that their excitement turns...

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