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Man rudely sleeping on another passenger. This is a common example of airplane etiquette being violated.

Airplane Etiquette

Nick Timbers March 27, 2023

Air travel has become an integral part of modern life, but with the increasing number of people traveling by air, it is important to maintain proper airplane etiquette to ensure a comfortable and pleasant...

Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis, announcing the proposed legislation in support of Florida’s higher education reform. Gov. DeSantis banned the AP African American Studies course after a pilot curriculum was leaked.

Diversifying education or beating around the bush?

Maraki Amare and Maya Bhatt March 27, 2023

Too often minority students across the country sit inside a classroom and feel as though their identity as not only a student, but a human being is being stripped from every novel, history textbook, or...

Little linguists: the importance of foreign languages

Alicia Kim and Esther Premazzi March 27, 2023

As the world becomes increasingly globalized, communication is vital to thrive and interact in a society replete with a myriad of cultures and diversity, but there is a barrier prohibiting effective communication:...

One of the members at the meeting holds up a sign depicting the banned books. He and others spoke about the harmful effects of what they believe to be inappropriate content for children.

The Book Ban: An Attack on Queer Students

Mia Garcia March 27, 2023

At a district meeting held last month the topic of banning books arose, sparking a heated discussion that, at some points, required microphones to be shut off. Worried parents, district staff, and even...

Students in Hawaii protest in favor of a bill that would provide access to period products. This bill would offer products free of charge to students in all public schools.

The bloody battle for menstrual rights

Gracyn Ard March 27, 2023

Menstrual cycles aggravate and frustrate women on a daily basis and their lives are often tainted red each month. Many women struggle to go about their daily lives when faced with a lack of access to period...

37 year-old Drake Jones skating through the San Francisco streets during the summer.

The Journey of Skate Culture

Tatum McNichols March 27, 2023

“Skate or die!” Teens shout at one another while riding their tattered skateboards.  From the blisteringly hot streets of Los Angeles to the cool beaches of Santa Barbara, skate culture was born...

Angry fans are seen protesting Ticketmaster after the chaos surrounding Taylor Swift’s “The Era’s Tour” tickets. Fans creatively used some of Swift’s song titles in their protest, such as “...Ready For It?” and “Dear Reader”.

Music fans worst enemy: Ticketmaster

Shreya Bhasin March 27, 2023

A company once loved for supplying its customers with event tickets has become one of the most hated sites for millions of fans.       Ticketmaster is a company that provides people with tickets...

Op-ed: The solution to guns is not more guns

Op-ed: The solution to guns is not more guns

Olivia Brandeis and Maya Bhatt February 13, 2023

     Nearly 400 officers are on the scene; dozens wait in the hallway at Robb Elementary School. Wearing a bulletproof vest over his uniform, one officer reaches across the space for hand sanitizer.   ...

The Disney Company has experienced a rough decline in profits as their movies continue to perform poorly. Disney has now switched CEOs in order to try to bring the company back to its former greatness.

The Disney Downfall

Madeline Wiener February 13, 2023

Strange World, Turning Red, and Lightyear: while none of these movies are necessarily bad, none were that great. Instead, they all seem to be in the limbo of being painfully average movies compared to...

Illustrated portrayal of the internet consuming one’s time, rather than reading a book.

Books? Don’t you mean, SparkNotes?

Tatum McNichols February 13, 2023

Due date: Sunday, 11:59 p.m.  Tick-tick-tick. The hours are slowly dwindling down until that ten-page paper on a book you haven’t read is due. The question is, what can you do in this situation?...

Is Valentine’s Day Really About Your Valentine?

Is Valentine’s Day Really About Your Valentine?

Iliana Sherry February 13, 2023

 Here we are again—Valentine's Day. The annual celebration of….what? The whole idea of Valentine’s Day was the musing of Geoffrey Chaucer, a 14th-century English writer who made an obscure reference...

Chris Bumstead’s amazing bulging physique has inspired many gym bros to work and improve themselves. Bumstead trained using a personal home gym during the pandemic to continue his journey to become Mr. Olympia (a.k.a the ultimate gym bro).


Joshua Balagot and Connor Clark February 13, 2023

The shouts of "PUSH! PUSH! PUSH!" echo through the weight room as a group of high school students commandeer the bench press, locked in a three-hour pursuit of personal glory. With each lift, they cheer...

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