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A promotional movie poster for The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes hangs outside the Walnut Creek Cinemark theater, advertising the film and drawing attention to the main characters. Inside, many eager moviegoers are enjoying the film for the first time.

Movie Review of The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes

Savannah Ashe January 24, 2024

      “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes,” prequel to the renowned “Hunger Games” book and movie series, has finally been adapted from the page onto the screen.      The film premiered...

The cover for Pixar’s most recent movie, Elemental. Its release gave Pixar their worst box office opening in history.

Running Out of Pixar Magic

Tyler Choi January 24, 2024

     Once home to our most beloved childhood movies, Pixar Animation Studios has recently struggled to recapture that nostalgic feeling.       From Woody’s adventures with Andy to Lightning...

Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla in Sofia Coppola’s film of the same name. This shot depicts the innocence and naivety of Priscilla before she meets Elvis.

The King of Grooming ‘n’ Abuse

Gracyn Ard January 24, 2024

     “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” “Elvis the Pelvis,” “The Hillbilly Cat,” throughout his career Elvis Presley was given many titles. He’s been idolized, obsessed over, and even pitied....

At a cafe in San Luis Obispo, a customer ordered a latte with foam shaped like a heart.

Winter Wonderland

Gabrielle Radding January 24, 2024

     It’s nighttime and your skin soaks in the warmth from the fireplace as you sink deeper into your couch. You watch the soundless snowflakes gracefully fall, shimmering in the moonlight. The sweet,...

Olivia Rodrigo is playing the guitar and singing live on stage. She was performing at Austin City Limits.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts: the model of teenage girl angst

Alexa Fo November 3, 2023

     Teenage girls all over the world are anxiously sitting at their computers and waiting in anticipation for Olivia Rodrigo tickets to go on sale. But when Ticketmaster finally loads, her show is...

Forensics: Screen vs. Reality

Forensics: Screen vs. Reality

Connor Huard and Tucker Kiltz November 3, 2023

     Who doesn’t love a “whodunnit”? Murder mystery movies have entered a renaissance in recent years, as the success of films like Murder on the Orient Express (2017), Knives Out (2019), and...

Michael Meyers holding a knife in “Halloween 5: The Revenger of Michael”. Meyers and his mask has been an infamous face in American media since 1978.

The Horror Season is Near

Krish Shetty and Mia Rueb November 3, 2023

     It is around that time of year again. The air gets colder and the leaves begin to change colors. However, here in America more than just a weather change occurs during the month of October. The...

A pie chart of the results of the survey.  Nintendo got 21.6% of the votes, Steam 26.4%, Xbox 12.8%, Playstation 12%, None 20%, and Other 7.2%.

Platform Popularity

Temiloluwa Adalumo November 3, 2023

     Monte Vista is home to a large gaming community, including a dedicated video game club.  But what keeps this running are the video game platforms, consoles or computer systems that these games...

Women Empowerment Clubs

Sumeya Shergill November 3, 2023

     At Monte Vista, students have made a plethora of different clubs for their own interests. These can include sports, hobbies, awareness, education, etc. But let’s talk about the new concept students...

At a Pumpkin Patch in Half Moon Bay, this 2,560-pound pumpkin was the winner of the 50th annual biggest pumpkin competition!

Fall Festivities

Gabrielle Radding October 30, 2023

     You wake up to find silky pumpkin bread fresh from the oven sitting on the counter. You pour yourself a steaming hot mug of chai. Maple syrup is drizzled over pancakes and glazed on bacon for breakfast....

 For All The Dogs album cover.
Drawn by Drakes 6 year old son, Adonis who
had his own feature in the album.

For All The Dogs -The Hottest Album of the Year?

Zachary Robinson October 24, 2023

     Rap star Drake has become one of the first main-stream artists to ever release an album while on tour. Could this be his next biggest hit?      Drake, who is widely regarded as one of the...

In light of Taylor Swift’s recent Eras tour drawing large attention in pop culture, students at Monte Vista seem to have a dispersed range of artist preferences through the influence of social media. A schoolwide poll including 4 iconic artists have told all about which artist truly earned the leading spot.

Recent Concert Popularity at Monte Vista

Maraki Amare and Savannah Ashe September 21, 2023

Whose concert would you go to: Taylor Swift, Drake, SZA, or Harry Styles? The debate about who’s the best music artist is strong at Monte Vista as concert season remains in full swing.      In...

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