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The rumors describing the MV policy that A+’s would no longer be rewarded have been confirmed as false.  Although, it was recommended that teachers change the grading scale to no A+’s, many teachers paid no attention since they believed students earned the extra recognition.

A minus the plus

Lauren Edelman, Online Editor October 24, 2016

     It’s a well known fact: students love the glory of getting an A, but nothing compares to the overwhelming satisfaction of getting an A+. But, there are always those certain teachers that say...

MVR part 2?

MVR part 2?

Maddie Dailey, Op/Ed Editor October 24, 2016

    On Friday, September 9th two fire alarms sounded across campus.  Would this be a sequel to the seven fire alarms pulled two years ago on a rainy day?     Fortunately, MVR had not risen...

El HoCo Loco

Claire Chu, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

    Whether or not homecoming was worth the shopping and looking presentable for the night was up to the students, but the eventful week lit up the spirit of students at Monte Vista.     This...

 Mrs. Kither lectures on Classical India to her 1st 
     period AP World History class. She uses the white-
     board to aid her in drawing a timeline.

New Classes at MV Allow Students More Options For Courses

Lauren Walker , Staff Writer June 7, 2016

Marine Biology, AP World History, and Biotech Lab and Research are just a few of the new classes being offered at MV this year. This year at Monte Vista, there are a lot of new classes being offered...

RIP Advisory

Krista Cleary, Staff Writer June 7, 2016

In the 2016-2017 school year, Monte Vista will rid of the old advisory and start school wide access. For the past few years, Monte Vista has had a thirty minute period called advisory every Tuesday...

SRVUSD high schools partner with DVC in CollegeConnect program

SRVUSD high schools partner with DVC in CollegeConnect program

Kevin Yang, News Editor June 7, 2016

Starting in the 2016-2017 school year, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District (SRVUSD) will pilot a dual-enrollment program allowing a select group of juniors to take classes at both their high school...

Hero's Journey teacher Ms. Gilles hopes to get the


Punya Sidhu, Staff Writer June 7, 2016

    Analyzing the social meaning behind songs, and potentially reading novels such as “Fight Club” in search for the meaning of manhood are just some of the out of the ordinary activities that...

Dr. Ahern organizes monthly meetings to facilitate equal representation

Fatima Ali, Op/Ed Editor February 26, 2016

Dr. Kevin Ahern has arranged a monthly student union meeting, in which he has handpicked different groups and organizations for involvement. Students will meet once a month to discuss ways to positively...

Computer Science at MV receives and upgrade

Kevin Yang, News Editor February 26, 2016

Just as computer hardware and software needs to be upgraded every few years, Monte Vista’s computer science program is scheduled for an update. Monte Vista computer science teacher Bhupinder Anwar...

Death of former Monte Vista student leaves students in shock

Death of former Monte Vista student leaves students in shock

Niru Datta, Staff Writer February 26, 2016

Officers in San Luis Obispo found Cal Poly student and Monte Vista class of 2014 alumni Aaron Matthew Wolf deceased following a collision with an Amtrak train. His death has been ruled a suicide. Wolf’s...

5th annual GSA forum hosted at Monte Vista

5th annual GSA forum hosted at Monte Vista

Kevin Yang, News Editor February 25, 2016

The 5th Annual Gay Straight Alliance Forum was held on February 24 in Monte Vista’s Workday Student Center. Members of GSA clubs from each of the four high schools and several middle schools in the SRVUSD...

Monte Vista resource officer, Matt Roderick, gets into his car as he responds to a call.  To him, being a resource officer is all about protecting the Monte Vista community.  He believes that the SRVUSD is one of the safest districts in the state, despite what the numbers say.

SRVUSD: Most law enforcement referrals in the Bay

Ben Morales, Staff Writer December 18, 2015

The San Ramon Valley Unified School District is one of the most prestigious districts in California, ranking highly in value of education, quality of teachers, and student arrests. During the 2013-2014...

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