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RIP Advisory

Krista Cleary, Staff Writer

June 7, 2016

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In the 2016-2017 school year, Monte Vista will rid of the old advisory and start school wide access. For the past few years, Monte Vista has had a thirty minute period called advisory every Tuesday between brunch and third p...

Dr. Ahern organizes monthly meetings to facilitate equal representation

Fatima Ali, Op/Ed Editor

February 26, 2016

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Dr. Kevin Ahern has arranged a monthly student union meeting, in which he has handpicked different groups and organizations for involvement. Students will meet once a month to discuss ways to positively build our school climate. ...

Computer Science at MV receives and upgrade

Kevin Yang, News Editor

February 26, 2016

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Just as computer hardware and software needs to be upgraded every few years, Monte Vista’s computer science program is scheduled for an update. Monte Vista computer science teacher Bhupinder Anwar is working with admin and...

Stuck in the EBMUD

Punya Sidhu, Staff Writer

December 18, 2015

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On October 16th, East Bay Municipal Utility District released a list of the top water wasters who use their services. The list consisted of water users who used over 1000 gallons of water each day, although many were guilty of us...

School Board approves new instructional calendar

Aaron Sanghera, Sam O'Connell, and Lauren Wenger

December 16, 2015

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On Tuesday, December 16th, 2015, the SRVUSD board approved a new calendar for the 2016-2017 school year. "I think (the new calendar) will help to alleviate some of the stress that our kids feel," board president Greg Marvel...

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