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A tribute

Michael Rhee, Staff Writer January 23, 2017

Big boy storm puts CA out of drought

The recent storm that hit California has pulled 42% of the state out of the drought and drastically lowered the severity of the drought in the rest of the state. The storm has flooded many rivers such as the Russian River, which is forcing resident out of their houses.
Krista Cleary, Business Manager January 23, 2017

Monte Vista racist graffiti ends on a good note

The graffiti was found in the boy's restroom in the 900 wing. This picture was tweeted out by ABC7 News Reporter Amy Hollyfield.
Robin Hyun, Reviews Editor December 12, 2016

Have clowns affected Halloween?

Robin Hyun, Staff Writer November 23, 2016

A minus the plus

The rumors describing the MV policy that A+’s would no longer be rewarded have been confirmed as false.  Although, it was recommended that teachers change the grading scale to no A+’s, many teachers paid no attention since they believed students earned the extra recognition.
Lauren Edelman, Online Editor October 24, 2016

MVR part 2?

MVR part 2?
Maddie Dailey, Op/Ed Editor October 24, 2016

El HoCo Loco

Claire Chu, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

RIP Advisory

Krista Cleary, Staff Writer June 7, 2016
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