Racist incidents strike Monte Vista again


Posters hang around the Monte Vista in response to the recent string of racist incidents at Monte Vista.

On Sept. 30 2021, Dr. Kevin Ahern, the principal of Monte Vista, sent out an email regarding a racist incident that had occurred the night before. This seems to be an email that Monte Vista students, parents, and staff are all too familiar with.

A Monte Vista student had uploaded a video to social media in which the student said racial slurs multiple times. The incident was broadcast on social media for thousands to see and make comments on. This left the Monte Vista com- munity hurt and some would say, numb, to the hate that our campus has seen too many times before.

Later over Homecoming weekend, the 300 building was spray painted with the n-word multiple times.

The following week, the boys’ bathroom in the 500 building was vandalized with the words “white,” “asian,” and “black” written over separate toilets.

In another email, Dr. Kevin Ahern reinforced the idea that Monte Vista is a place “where these types of incidents are not tolerated and will no longer take place.” Going forward, the administration hopes to work with the Black Student Union (BSU), Stop Asian hate club, and other student voices to prevent this behavior from hap- pening again.