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LAX taken to another level

LAX taken to another level

Lauryn Leong, Staff Writer February 28, 2019

Most people would think of either soccer and basketball when it comes to Israel. However, one Monte Vista student didn’t go there to play either, but instead lacrosse. It began in fifth grade,...

Student athletic trainers prepare for a football game. They helped players fill water bottles and Gatorade and assisted them with injuries.

The force that keeps MV athletes healthy

Claire Chu, Managing Editor January 15, 2019

When athletes are injured, support from family members, spirit from the team, and self-tenacity often expedites the healing process. However, another factor significantly quickens recovery: athletic...

Kenneth with a former teacher in Nigeria.

Nigerian exchange student brings educational awareness

Claire Chu, Managing Editor January 15, 2019

Exploring a new school in a different country offers new perspectives of education disparities around the world. A Nigerian exchange student joined Monte Vista this year in hopes to help the education...

The stump during this past holiday season.

You ‘woodn’t’ believe it

Allison Hughes, Staff Writer January 15, 2019

Anyone who drives on the curvy Diablo Road has seen it ‒ the big painted tree stump that reflects the seasons and holidays of the year. From summer seashells to Halloween horrors, the tree trunk...

Sophomore Leigha Miller holds her trophies at the Jr. Drag Racing League. She has been drag racing since she was young as a way to bind with her dad.

She ain’t no drag

Sumin Lim, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2018

Despite its name, this definitely is no drag. While most people play soccer, or dance, or ride horses, sophomore Leigha Miller does something completely out of the ordinary. She drag races. ...

Jennifer Hall (left) and her friend Annette Adolphson (right) pose for a picture during a rally at Monte Vista High School. The two of them graduated at Monte Vista in 1984.

The secret ingredient to Monte Vista’s success

Lauryn Leong, Staff Writer November 14, 2018

Founded in 1965, Monte Vista has become a distinguished school known for its excellent academic and extracurricular programs. But what made all of this possible? The main reason is the staff....

Musty returns with high spirit

Musty returns with high spirit

Claire Chu, Managing Editor October 8, 2018

After he galloped away for several years, Monte Vista’s mascot, Musty, makes his way back to rallies, football games, and dances with energy and excitement.     Dating back to the opening years...

Award-winning scientist enters teaching scene

Award-winning scientist enters teaching scene

Raquel Montelindo, Feature Editor October 8, 2018

Highly acclaimed scientist. Check. Stanford professor. Check. Founder of a successful technological company. Check. The new physics teacher at Monte Vista checks off nearly all boxes on any spreadsheet. ...

MV welcomes the god of wine

Jacklyn Taylor, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

Bones. Skeletons. Humans. The foundation of our body lies between the walls of high school. The man who was a chiropractor and is now an Honors Anatomy teacher who plans to make education humerus.   ...

MV students emerge with a gaming company

Robin Hyun, Feature Editor March 14, 2018

A game design company consisted of over 40 Monte Vista High School students has made its appearance known this school year. The company hopes to bring games in various platforms like PC, console, and mobile...

Benvenuti a Monte Vista!

Lauren Edelman, News Editor January 22, 2018

In August, a 16-year-old, Roman teenager stepped foot onto her new temporary home: America. Junior Giulia Azzarello is a transfer student from Rome, Italy. She is currently staying with junior Destinee...


Out of the Comfort Zone

Hailey Capovilla, Staff Writer January 22, 2018

    Due to a call of adventure and desire to make a change in the world, a senior at Monte Vista traveled to Africa last summer to build schools and emerge herself in another culture. Abby Devane...

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