The Stampede

All nerf guns must be approved by the administrators prior to their use in an attack.

Monte Vista seniors turn gunmen in fierce battle of Assassins

Taylor Lee and Seta Salkhi May 13, 2021

Two groups of three. Each one of them awaiting the appearance of the other. One kill—that’s all they need, and they will get it at any cost. An unsuspecting senior steps out of their car. From the...

Monte Vista online course fair spreadsheet given to students. This spreadsheet was sent out before the course fair and contained the links for each course booth.

MV course fair moves to Zoom

Elisabeth Delpouys and Madison Siu April 15, 2021

Every spring, Monte Vista students tour the many booths for classes ranging from Art 1 to AP Physics. The yearly course fair is vital in helping students plan their schedules and choose their courses for...

Welcoming the New Additions to the MV Teaching Staff

Lana Polley, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

With the end of summer’s heat comes the dawn of the new school year. And with this start comes the beginning of many other things: new classes, new clubs, new friends, and new teachers. Speaking of new...

Alexandra Hoshino practices flute during her remote learning band class at Monte Vista. Wind Ensemble, the class which Hoshino and her sister are a part of, just learned the Baby Yoda theme from Disneys new show The Mandelorian.

Students in the Key of C-19

Claire Sohn and Olivia Wang February 24, 2021

The COVID-19 quarantine in California has lasted for approximately ten months now, removing all fully in-person opportunities for the time being. While this reduces the chances of the virus spreading,...

Senior Grace McClure is holding up a sign she made explaining the reasoning behind going vegan. These reasons include compassion, sustainability, and animal liberation.

The fight for animals

Shreya Bhasin, Social Media Manager February 13, 2021

Pigs are kept in tiny cages unable to roam the land.  Baby chicks are stacked in crates and taken away from their mothers.  If they are too weak, the chicks are thrown into trash cans where they are...

Beading Cancers packaging includes the purchased jewelry, a sticker, and a thank you note that informs the customer of the impact their purchase has made.

Beading Cancer

Sachiko Anderson December 30, 2020

Beading Cancer is a company started by Monte Vista Senior, Kirin Yadav, and involves two other Monte Vista Seniors, Caeli Baker (director of photography), and Akemi  Anderson (jewelry maker). Th is...

Democrat Mark DeSaulnier is the representative of California’s 11th Congressional district and has been re-elected for another two years.  He advocates for livable wages, affordable and accessible education, government accountability, and more.

What’s next for Congressman DeSaulnier

Lawrence Feng December 30, 2020

Since 2014, Democrat Mark DeSaulnier has been the representative of California’s 11th Congressional district.  After an overwhelming reelection win, DeSaulnier now prepares for his fourth term representing...

Jenn Soine, the owner of Star Cycle, instructs the riders of the 7:45 a.m. outdoor spin class. Although temperatures were borderline freezing, Soine continues the outdoor rides to ensure the comfort and safety of all participants. The bikes are six to eight feet apart and customers are required to use hand sanitizer before entering the makeshift studio.

Downtown Danville businesses create their own financial antidotes for Covid-19

Seta Salkhi and Maraki Amare November 13, 2020

While businesses across the country have been affected by COVID-19 and the resulting economic shutdowns, many of downtown Danville’s shops have been handling the effects of the current pandemic well. One...

MV students take a stand for Black Lives

Nick Whiteaker, Senior Writer November 9, 2020

 “I want to be proud that I’m from Danville,” said Sydney Wanguhu, senior and current co-president of Monte Vista’s Black Student Union during an open-mic event at a Black Lives Matter Protest...

Introducing the brand-new dance program at Monte Vista

Taylor Lee, Staff Writer November 5, 2020

Continuing alongside the line of changes at Monte Vista due to COVID-19, the dance program has altered completely to fit the current remote learning. Ranging from a new dance teacher to a different style...

Senior Natalie Bennett poses among her portraits. Her paintings have reached millions of people through the popular video-sharing app, TikTok.

“The Old Gods are Not Dead”: Myths Reimagined

Macie Calvert, News Editor November 4, 2020

Aphrodite sits in the audience of a runway show, her face falling as women strut down the stage, their bodies thinner than nearly any average girl’s. Dionysus lounges in the shadows of a bar, protecting...

Singer Alex Silva releases new single

Singer Alex Silva releases new single

Shayawn Golchehreh, Staff Writer November 4, 2020

Through countless hours of effort, Monte Vista Senior Alex Silva released his first single "Who Would Have Known" pursuing his passion in singing. Behind the scenes takes us to a glorious journey of Silva's...

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