Monte Vista’s GSA Club

     The GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance) club is an active student club open during Student Support for all students who are interested. The GSA Advisor, Heather Slipka, wants to make sure that the GSA club is a space for all students.    

     “Our main goal is to be a support system on campus for students who feel marginalized, and to give students a place to have a sense of belonging,” Slipka said. 

     The GSA community strives to provide a welcoming and safe environment for its members and for students. During GSA meetings, they discuss topics related to LGBTQ+ subjects.
    “We want to really have those tough conversations, and to bring light to LGBTQ issues at school.” Slipka said. 

     The club discusses many important issues revolving around its memberss in order to better the school community for its queer students. Topics such as the all gender restrooms and the comfort of LGBTQ students are discussions that could be had during GSA meetings. It is important to the staff of GSA that all students feel safe and comfortable at school.    

     GSA has more to offer than just support, however. They offer club positions such as Treasurer, Secretary, VP, and President, which are all student candidates chosen through a student vote. This year a handful of students new to GSA were able to run for a position, all having great ideas and propositions on how to improve the school and the club. The GSA President, Yik Suen Lung has been part of GSA for years.

    “My job as president is to organize meetings and to spread information about queer identies and to organize community space for queer students.” Lung said. 

     The student officers of GSA are given the job of running and taking care of the GSA community, giving students a more involved role in the club. This year GSA has a publicity manager to promote social media and news about GSA.

     GSA hosts a lot of fun activities for its members as well. During the first and second meetings there were several mentions of future games being played during meetings. GSA is able to provide a both fun and educational environment for students looking for a place to be themselves and to feel welcome.

    “We’re known for our big pride flags… I think that’s something interesting about us.” Lung said.