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Monte Vista’s favorite power couple

Lauren Walker and Mikayla Flores January 13, 2018

    Would Monte Vista be the same without the couple who makes us all laugh?     Kimberley Gilles and her husband Tom Dunlap, more commonly know as Ms. G and Mr. D by their students, are practically...

Breaking down the walls

Tina Sui, A&E Editor March 20, 2017

    Last November, students at Monte Vista had the opportunity to participate in a program called “Breaking Down the Walls.” This month, the program made a comeback to help build up and strengthen...

Unspoken Words is currently out and published on Amazon right now.

New Author Emerges from MV

Heather No, Staff Writer February 24, 2017

    To write, let alone publish a book is an amazing feat for a sixteen year old, and yet Monte Vista seems to always accomplish the unthinkable. Junior Hailey Capovilla, our new author, has seemed...

Civic Center Plaza, San Francisco- Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) 
member senior Erin Yoshina raises up her homemade poster,
heading towards Market Street for the SF march.

Mustangs march for equality and rights

Robin Hyun, Review Editor February 23, 2017

    One poster read, “Fight like a girl” another read, “Our Body our Rights”.     These were only a couple posters amongst hundreds of thousands, where participants, including numerous...

Key Club focuses on philanthropy

Key Club focuses on philanthropy

Adam Al Desouky, Staff Writer January 13, 2017

     Monte Vista’s Key Club is doing many fun fundraising events, and is always welcoming new members.      Some of these events have been occurring at Fall Rally North (a fundraising event...

Cindy Nguyen, pictured, lays out all the materials on her desk for Geometry and Algebra 2 before she teaches the class.
(Courtesy of Claire Chu)

A new face for the math department

Claire Chu, Staff Editor November 9, 2016

    Monte Vista’s math department welcomed a new teacher to replace Amy Christiansen for her maternity leave in late September.     Former math department chair at San Jose High School (SJHS),...

Cultural Dance Club makes it name at MV

Punya Sidhu, Feature Editor October 26, 2016

Sophomores Sahej Sidhu and Aditi Desai seized the opportunity to create a cultural dance club at Monte Vista this year. The pair decided to take their love of dance to the masses, allowing Monte Vista...

MV parent has success in tech world

Ian Walsh, Staff Writer October 26, 2016

      Not many people can say they have shaped the world of technology compared to MV dad, Garry Kitchen.       From creating the home version of Donkey Kong to working on a #1 top sellers...

Mr. Khan

Mr. Khan

October 24, 2016

This year, Monte Vista has welcomed a new Assistant Principal to Monte Vista’s staff. Mr. Kenny Kahn grew up humbly in Richmond, California, living with his mother, who is a retired special educator...

A clip from the September 27, 1968 edition of El Mestengo. This blurb discussed the new hippy dreswear and the writers point that hippies claims of individualism were not backed up by their actions.

Looking back: MV through the ages

Grace Wensley, Feature Editor June 7, 2016

 As we are about to end another school year here at Monte Vista let’s look back and reflect, but not on the 2015-2016 year, rather the craziest, funniest, and most major events, quotes, and stories...

Duck tales

Bailey Ferguson, Senior Staff Writer June 7, 2016

Why did the ducks cross the road?     A group of ducks has recently been spotted all over campus, rather than deciding to live permanently at Oak Hill Park as most of the fowl do their entire lives....

Ms. Krier on Special Assignment

Ms. Krier on Special Assignment

Krista Cleary, Staff Writer February 26, 2016

When someone mentions high school, most people would just roll their eyes, but not this staff member. She loves working with both the students and the teachers.   This year is Kathleen Krier’s second...

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