You ‘woodn’t’ believe it


The stump during this past holiday season.

Allison Hughes, Staff Writer

Anyone who drives on the curvy Diablo Road has seen it ‒ the big painted tree stump that reflects the seasons and holidays of the year.
From summer seashells to Halloween horrors, the tree trunk has been painted over the course of one year. Not only is it a warming sight to see, but many people look forward to it on their morning drive to and from school.
“It’s nice to look at and I’m always excited to see the next design,” sophomore Kaitlyn Firestone said. “It brightens my day and it allows me to start my day on a positive note.”
With the extensive stress that life inevitably puts on people, seeing something so pure and calming can be a welcomed break.
“I think it’s pretty cool that someone wanted to remind everyone what you should be focusing on, like that it’s Halloween or Christmas,” sophomore Robert Laskarzewski said.
Seeing the different images on the side of the road poking out of the trees can brighten anyone’s day and bring color into their day.
“The summer one with the beach and umbrella was my favorite,” sophomore Mrudhula Nithiyakumar said. “I really like beaches and it was the most colorful one.”
The 2018 summer painting, which featured a colorful stump with a seashell and umbrella, seems to be popular but there are many different scenes that people like as well.
“I think it’s interesting and the face for Halloween was hilarious,” senior Rachel Levine said.
The Halloween painting was adorned with a smiling skeleton face in the middle and a happy pumpkin to compliment it, plus lots of Halloween colors.
“The Halloween design was fun,” senior Maddie Vavra said. “I also really love the holiday design.”
Despite how creative the Halloween scene was, freshman Michelle Chen likes this years’ Easter illustration the best, but doesn’t know who’s behind it.
“It’s interesting and honestly really nice to look at on the drive to school,” Chen said.
Despite its extreme popularity among students, most people at Monte Vista aren’t aware of who is actually painting it.
“I don’t know the family that paints the tree stump,” junior Vivian Burgos said. “I think it’s a father and daughter who does it and they own the land where the tree stump is.”
Some of the people who see it everyday haven’t even seen who is painting it.
“It’s the best thing to happen to Danville,” junior Zaynab Jawaid said. “The artist is slow for the holidays this year, but whoever is behind the stump, props to you for making people smile.”
The painters bring holiday cheer and emphasize acts of kindness within the community of Danville. The 2018 holiday painting includes a Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and a shining star on top.
“I always like seeing what they paint it next and I would miss it if they stopped,” sophomore Katherine Lively said.
The father and son that have been seen painting the stump are only known by their work, but not by their identity. Nevertheless, the mystery painters are famous to locals and beloved by the city of Danville.
“I think its cute and it’s always so festive,” junior Divina Monela said. “I am always looking forward to seeing the new one for each holiday and season.”