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A little encouragement goes a long way

A little encouragement goes a long way

Samantha Teshima, Managing Editor February 18, 2015

Junior Allison Wei, a talented artist who has represented Monte Vista in the Reflections Contest, has a condition called osteogenesis imperfecta, type three. “That generally means you have very brittle...

What is freedom of speech?

What is freedom of speech?

Gina Matteo and Chris Bortolon February 18, 2015

The First Amendment, a right guaranteed to the American people over 200 years ago, remains on the forefront of political and personal debate in light of recent global events. The First Amendment, simply...

Bright future for bright Stangs

Bailey Ferguson , Staff Writer February 18, 2015

More and more Monte Vista students are beginning to see their future paths of life after graduation. This year, specifically, has seen many students reaching prestigious goals after completing their high...

Lindsay Wildlife Museum volunteers

Lindsay Wildlife Museum volunteers

Abby Vogeley February 18, 2015

Lindsay Wildlife Museum, a museum for children to learn about the environment and animals around them, thrives because of high school volunteers. Many students remember the museum as a place of great...

Stang Gang cheering whole-heartedly at the volleyball NCS final, Monte Vista against San Ramon. San Ramon won the last game by overcoming a 2-0 deficit, but MV crushed them this time 3-0. It was the biggest attendance to a volleyball game in a long time.

Heart of MV spirit

Ariel Chen , Staff Writer December 18, 2014

One high school sports game at a time, Stang Gang reaches to change the world - or at least Monte Vista - into a better place. The concept of Stang Gang is really quite simple. They’re a group of...

Not just pink and blue

Not just pink and blue

Reilly Olson , Op/Ed Editor November 19, 2014

A student body clad in pink–a sight that could only mean one thing. It’s that time of year again. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and of all the causes that have picked months to raise...

Kid president inspiring others

Kid president inspiring others

Grace Wensley, Staff Writer November 19, 2014

 Robby Novak, just a ten year old kid from Tennessee, is inspiring the world to become awesome. Also known as Kid President, Novak made his debut in October, 2012 on the YouTube channel, Soul Pancake....

Marching they get enough recognition?

Marching band….do they get enough recognition?

Katrina Flores , Staff Writer November 19, 2014

The thunderous noises of drumline echos in students’ ears as they leave the rallies. The students go wild as various instruments accompany the cheerleaders in the rouser. But do we really know how much...

Bestselling author Garth Stein stands with students after speaking about his life as a writer. Stein visited Monte Vista October 22.

Garth Stein comes to MV

Gina Matteo, Editor in Chief October 23, 2014

Best selling author Garth Stein recently visited Monte Vista, speaking about his life as an author and his new book A Sudden Light. Born in Seattle, Garth Stein is an established writer. His book, The...

Luke Brian concert or Homecoming?

Gabrielle Garcy, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

October holds fun activities that are the talk among many people, but the main buzz in October is always Homecoming. As the theme is Stampede World Wide, it has a variety of new dress up days that get...

Have you been asked?

Have you been asked?

Shea Cummings, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

We all see the flowers and colorful posters with creative slogans cluttering the desks and hallways, but what does it mean? It means homecoming. It’s that time of the year again, and students are...

Snack days

Nick Livson , Feature Editor October 22, 2014

Throughout the school day, one thing remains certain, we’re hungry. Eating breakfast at seven in the morning and then lunch at noon can prove to be a little bit of a time crunch. It seems that teachers...

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