The Stampede

The Prom Dilemma

Kiara Miltin, Staff Writer February 12, 2014

Ladies calm down… It’s only prom! It’s safe to say that any girl has the right to get ready for prom, but at times, some girls rush to get ready a little bit too early.There are various forms of...

Marching Band

Marching Band

Reilly Olson, staff Writer December 20, 2013

Anyone in marching band will assure you that the experience is unlike anything else, and the only way to understand a band kid is to be one. This particular season was a phenomenal one for these talented...

Mike Smith, an inspirational speaker, talks to the Monte Vista senior class

Where is your legacy?

Erin Donnelley, Managing Editor December 19, 2013

It is said that our generation is the most selfish and materialistic generation that has ever existed. We obsess over meaningless and empty things like the amount of likes we get on instagram or how many...

Paris shares one of her books with children and parents at Blackhawk plaza.

MV’s very own student author

Emma Knutson, Feature Editor December 19, 2013

Before she could even write sophomore Paris Morris was busy making her own children’s book series based off of her own life. With the help and encouragement of her parents over the years, Morris has...

Fall fashion: what’s in this season

Hannah Copeland, Staff Writer November 25, 2013

It’s that time of year again, the weather is getting colder, the leaves are changing color, it’s finally fall! Break out those sweaters, scarves, and boots because Autumn has a style all its...

Harvey Hopping to Success

Harvey Hopping to Success

Lauren Lambertson, Staff Writer November 25, 2013

    Play Production does it again with another laugh-out-loud comedy.     Hervey was well acted and if you know the people who starred in it, it was perfectly casted. Full of sass, confusion,...

Getting a taste of the future

Emma Knutson, Feature Editor November 20, 2013

    One of Monte Vista’s newest course offerings is helping MV seniors achieve goals for their futures. Founded three years ago at Cal High, Monte Vista first offered iQuest last year as a senior...

Application innovation

Reilly Olson, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

    Whether you’re taking a break from studying or just have nothing better to do, who’s always there to entertain you?     Your beloved iPhone, that’s who. Students and teachers alike are...

Reynolds poses proudly with his drone. The drone can explore distances of up to half a mile away and can hover in place.

Droning in victory

Amanda Mileski, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

During the springtime, juniors are typically busy dealing with the SAT/ACT testing, school work, sports, or other extracurriculars; most though, aren’t spending their time building their own robotic...

Vitality bowl is one of the many healthy options available to teenagers around the Bay Area.

Healthy eating

Gabby Rodriguez, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

High school students are becoming more and more conscious of the food that they put in their bodies. Healthy eating has become a popular trend at MV, and many students have made it habit to fuel their...

Crime scene skills at MV

Ben Ng, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

    Forensics is a class where students can learn about crime scenes and techniques utilized to find information that could help determine what happened and who possibly killed who. Taught by Tracy...

Thankful for Thanksgiving traditions

Thankful for Thanksgiving traditions

Maya Sasson, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

    Students at Monte Vista have a wide variety of Thanksgiving traditions they look forward to during the holiday season.     The falling of the leaves from the trees and the smells of pumpkin...

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