Lit Through Film

With all of the chaos that is created by choosing classes students often find themselves overwhelmed by class choices. This is especially true when it comes to the English classes that are available at MV. In addition to the standard 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English classes there are nine additional English classes that can be taken at MV. For this reason The Stampede will be reporting on all of these specialty English classes that can be taken.

In lieu if the recent Academy Awards what better place is there to start than Literary Analysis Through Film or Lit Through Film.

Instructor: Ms. Dowling

Room: 310

Availability: Seniors Only

UC Approved: Yes

Description: Lit Through Film is a twelfth grade English Class taught by Ms. Dowling at MV. The course primarily focuses on reading and watching both fictional and non-fictional stories. Students spend most of the class writing, focusing on their college essay, researching topics, analysis, and presentation skills. The class is geared toward preparing students for the rigors of college while also maintaining an upbeat atmosphere.

Verdict: Students have generally positive reviews of the class and find that is much more engaging than your normal senior English class. Students especially find the instructor Ms. Dowling helpful and insightful. As it is UC approved and you will receive college credit for the class why not take the class and get a different take on how to study the English language.

“Lit. through film is one of the best options for meeting the English 12 requirement. Students tell me it is always interesting and keeps students engaged. I often hear students say it’s the best English class they’ve taken at our school.”

– MVHS Counselor, Pat Lamson