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The age-old parking dilemma

Christian Berger , Staff Writer June 4, 2015

Many of us are familiar with parking at Monte Vista. At the beginning of the semester, you run to the office along with hundreds of other permit-seekers, hoping to obtain the glorious placard that hangs...

A true Clif-hanger

A true Clif-hanger

Christian Berger, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

  To many young people, an office job is probably one of the most boring and monotonous things that come to mind. These young people feed off spontaneity and excitement, which professional offices...

San Francisco -Something for everyone

San Francisco -Something for everyone

Bailey Deschane, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

North Beach, Chinatown, and The Castro are three distinctively different neighborhoods of San Francisco; they all hold their own charm and identity, adding to the unique flare of San Francisco. North...

Womens Lit: A New Perspective

Women’s Lit: A New Perspective

May 15, 2015

“So... you're a feminist?” *Asked with a long pause before uttering the “f” word* “And... isn’t that class full of feminists?” Well yes... and no. Empowering, inspiring, eye-opening,...

Would you Rent the Runway?

Gabby Garcy, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

 With the prom/ball season quickly approaching, girls everywhere are on the hunt for a perfect dress. Today, many Monte Vista teens create facebook pages for their class to keep track of who is wearing...

Meghan Faerber, current biology teacher here at Monte Vista, is pictured here working with Akeakamai the dolphin in a cognitive research lab in Hawaii as a trainor.

A new class is washing ashore

Maddie Dailey, Staff Writer March 26, 2015
“While I love teaching, I also really love research,” Faerber said. “So working at Stanford in the summers allows me to have both in my life.”
Jodi Reed, pictured here, says she feels one with the ocean when scuba diving and that everyone should try this breathtaking experience. This is Mrs. Reeds first year as MV choir director and so far everything has been going swimmingly.

Under The Sea: Ms. Reed knows about more than just music

Bailey Ferguson, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

An endless ocean. Pure earth beneath. Nothing but a sky of water above. Sunlight barely pierces through the water's depth. Then the shark appeared. Breathtaking. Ominous yet silent, drifting past like...

Scholarships: one for just about everything

Hanrin Cho, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

Are you left-handed? Are you a twin? Are you under four feet and ten inches? Do you consider yourself an ‘average student’, but with a creative mind? Well if you have any of this traits, you can...

This is one of the robots that the students are working on.  They have worked on it for weeks.

Building the future one robot at a time

Nathan James, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

Robotics is an important part of the technological future and Monte Vista has students and teachers that are impassioned about using this technology. The Monte Vista Robotics team known at the Red Ties...

Brian Yu and Neha Dabke performing at the annual event, An Evening with Speech and Debate on Wednesday, March 25.

Speech and Debate prepare for state qualifiers… again

Melanie Vina, Staff Writer March 26, 2015
"I came into teaching because I wanted to be able to work with students who wanted to learn," Matley said. "I wanted to be able to teach kids who really became active in the whole learning process."
Student recognition project

Student recognition project

Samantha Teshima, Managing Editor March 26, 2015

The 2015 San Ramon Valley Unified School District Student annual Student Recognition Project has concluded. An Open House, open to all members of the San Ramon Valley community, exhibited the projects...

Assassins: are you in or out?

Assassins: are you in or out?

Roya Dowlati, Senior Staff Writer March 26, 2015

Each year, seniors at Monte Vista come together to play a game called Assassins. It is an unusual way to send off seniors, showing they truly are the sharp-shooters of the school. In Assassins, 110...

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