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Duck tales

Bailey Ferguson, Senior Staff Writer June 7, 2016

Why did the ducks cross the road?     A group of ducks has recently been spotted all over campus, rather than deciding to live permanently at Oak Hill Park as most of the fowl do their entire lives....

Ms. Krier on Special Assignment

Ms. Krier on Special Assignment

Krista Cleary, Staff Writer February 26, 2016

When someone mentions high school, most people would just roll their eyes, but not this staff member. She loves working with both the students and the teachers.   This year is Kathleen Krier’s second...

Starbucks customers seeing red

Starbucks customers seeing red

Aaron Sanghera , Staff Writer December 16, 2015

Starbucks is one of the biggest names in the industry, however this holiday season the coffee giant made a change that has sparked a lot of controversy. They changed their once festive holiday cup to one...

Stay safe and don’t do anything stupid

Maddie Dailey, A&E Editor December 16, 2015

   Through loss and triumph, one teacher and her group of students and relatives conquer obstacles of all kinds to, in the end, become one family.     Nancy Glimme is a well known face here...

11 members of MVs speech and debate team traveled to Chicago over Thanksgiving break to compete in the Glenbrooks Invitational. They also had the opportunity to visit nearby Northwestern University and reconnect with two MV alumni.

Mustangs compete in Illinois

Reilly Olson , Managing Editor December 16, 2015

MV speech students got the experience of a lifetime over Thanksgiving break when they traveled to Chicago for the recent Glenbrooks tournament. Glenbrooks is nationally recognized as one of the most...

The boy behind the braid

Reilly Olson , Managing Editor December 16, 2015

Some may know him for having a loud fashion sense, while others know him for sleeping through hard classes. His most recognizable characteristic of all, however, is literally growing out of his head. Senior...

A member of the Channel Islands High School short flags begins running through workout drills before afternoon practice starts. The squad is preparing for a nationals competition in Anaheim. Since 1985 the schools short flags squad have won 22 national championships.
03/12/2013 OXNARD, CA

Short flags’ big problem

Josh Elliott, Staff Writer November 18, 2015

Monte Vista’s short flags team has always been dazzling crowds at our school rallies and events, however so far this year they appear to be absent. The team has had a drastic loss in members this...

A fiery passion for music

A fiery passion for music

Robin Hyun , Staff Writer November 18, 2015

Just like the color of her hair, Jess Heimann has a fiery passion for music. Jess has always had a liking towards music. When she was just a little girl, she wrote songs for fun at the age of six but...

The students of the 1993 school year wait in the gym during the rally for the homecoming court to be announced.  With the exceptions of style, MV hasn’t changed when it comes to being spirited at rallies.

What time can do to a school

Lauren Edelman , Staff Writer November 18, 2015

Time is like a dream.  We fall asleep living in a fantasy then BOOM.  We wake up in an entirely new world of reality.   For many of the past students, Monte Vista felt like it was constantly changing...

Fowl deed leaves turkeys troubled

Fowl deed leaves turkeys troubled

Lauren Wenger , Staff Writer November 18, 2015

Have you noticed the turkeys that have been running free throughout Danville neighborhoods this year? If so, then you’re not alone. Ever since the new homes were constructed on the corner of Diablo...

MV fashion blogger

MV fashion blogger

Jas Gill, Managing Editor November 18, 2015

A senior here at Monte Vista has created an online blog on     Senior, Jordan Moldenhauer created her blog, 180 days of outfits, in the middle of August. She posts her outfits every...



Bailey Ferguson , Staff Writer November 18, 2015

     Every once in awhile we get a glimpse into the next evolution of human engineering. The airplane, modern medicine, that black whopper thing. In the current era, this miraculous new advancement...

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