MV fashion blogger


Jas Gill, Managing Editor

A senior here at Monte Vista has created an online blog on

    Senior, Jordan Moldenhauer created her blog, 180 days of outfits, in the middle of August. She posts her outfits every weekday, starting with the first day of school.

    Moldenhauer was inspired to start blogging by the idea of outfits helping people become more confident.

    “I post an outfit a day, how I felt wearing it, how to fit this outfit to your body type, and how to feel confident in your clothes,” Moldenhauer said. “Sometimes I talk about how to make high school a little bit better.”

    She had a rough time last year and needed something to help keep her motivated.

    “This keeps me happy, and I work to make sure my outfits make me confident,” Moldenhauer said. “And that’s the whole point of clothes right?”

    Moldenhauer hasn’t been blogging very long, but has already gained some popularity. The blog may not be exploding in America, but it’s popular in other countries.

    “I have 1000 viewers in Sweden, 1400 in Austria, and 1 super fan in Bulgaria,” Moldenhauer said. “I also have some viewers in China and Japan, because of friends from when I lived in Shanghai. The best thing is being able to reach so many people.”

    Moldenhauer isn’t a celebrity, but she’s still proud of the moments when she gets recognition for her work. It means she’s only growing bigger, but she makes a point to stay humble.

    “My biggest accomplishment is probably when one day at school a freshman girl walked up to me and told me she loved my blog,” She said. “She said she struggled with some of the same stuff, and my advice was helpful. I started doing it for myself, but the fact that I help other people is absolutely amazing to me.”

    Moldenhauer is very optimistic when it comes to her blog, but she doesn’t have any high expectations. For her, happiness is what matters.

    “I went into this with no expectations, and I don’t have any for the future,” Moldenhauer said. “I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing, because it makes me happy, and I hope it does the same for others.”