Creative prom proposals

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    When pigs fly, out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to prom with me? It has come to that time of the year where every junior girl and guy starts to wonder how and when they will be asked.

     Over the years prom proposals have become more and more elaborate and it has become how much more creative someone can be to the next. People find their ideas from all types of sources, such as Pinterest, tumblr and other internet pages where people post creative and fun ideas to ask someone to prom.

    Friends now have a large part in helping ask people to prom. From helping make a video or being a letter in PROM, people have found many unique ways to ask that special someone to prom. Junior Chris Cranston asked Laurel Speck in a very fun and unique way this year..

    “I enjoy film and cinematography and I thought it would be a fun and creative way to ask her”, “It took about two hours to film and then another two hours to edit.” said Junior Chris Crantson.

    “ I gave the video to my fourth period teacher, which is the class I have with Laurel. I was waiting outside the class with the poster and flowers while Ms. Greco played the video and then once the video ended I asked Laurel to prom.” “She was very surprised and happy.” Cranston said.

    Many guys can feel stressed and pressure to ask the girl in the best way possible.

    Even though prom is meant for the juniors, juniors have been asking people from all grade levels. For prom people are also allowed to ask people from other schools giving the dance a fun twist. For homecoming students from other schools are not allowed and gives Monte Vista students the chance to have fun at a dance with friends from other schools.