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Inescapable stress

Samantha Teshima, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

    Not only is stress is an unavoidable part of students’ lives here at MV, it can also endanger our lives.     Monte Vista is a school of diversity; no two students are exactly alike...except...

Guilty of procrastination

Kiara Miltin, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

     Procrastination: it’s something we all do but know we shouldn’t.      Many of us procrastinate in order to avoid  homework or studying for a test. But why do so many of us find ourselves...

Classes in chaos

Classes in chaos

Matt Nardoci, Staff Writer November 20, 2013

   Is it really that hard to be quiet when a teacher is talking?  As all of us have found out one way or another, it apparently is.     It is the best feeling when you are watching a movie only...

GTA V: Helping build a better society

Isabella Ordaz, Business Manager November 20, 2013

    Rockstar, a video gaming company, recently released Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), the latest game in the widely respected and heartily applauded Grand Theft Auto series. The line of games is famous...

How do you dirty dance?

Lauren Lambertson, Staff Writer November 13, 2013

    School dances are great for dancing and going a little crazy with your friends, but not for dancing on them.    Urban dictionary describes dirty dancing as basically one step away from having...

Envy for the asphalt

Melody Schwartz, Staff Writer November 13, 2013

    A tense rivalry has always lingered among the junior and senior classes, and it even affects where they claim their parking.     As students start getting their licenses and cars to go with...

Relaxing senior year?

Emmaline Wei, CC Spin Editor November 13, 2013

    Myth or fact: Senior year is the most relaxing year in high school.     The answer? Myth.     "Not only do they have to continue working hard," College and Career Center Counselor Cathy...

Lunchtime restrictions too restrictive?

Samantha Teshima, Staff Writer November 13, 2013

    The signs reading “no entry during lunch” glare at students who pass by the school buildings during lunch every day.     It is controversial whether or not blocking off access to the buildings...

Console wars

Matthew Nardoci, Staff Writer November 13, 2013

    For the first time in six years, the newest generation of major consoles is about to release.  Revealed during this past summer, much controversy exists over who will win this latest clash of...

Transformation Tuesday: Advisory Addition

Erin Donnelly, Managing Editor October 25, 2013

Upon the arrival of the new school year, advisory has been given a fresh, new face and is ready to play a key role in the development of students at Monte Vista. In contrast to last year, where it only...

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