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Junior Aria Fereydouni makes his way to Ms. Haberls room to find out information on different colleges. Ms. Haberl is the college counselor and is located in the Work Day Student Center downstairs.

Admission adversity

Fatima Ali , CC Spin Editor October 22, 2014

  Different changes are constantly being made to college admissions; whether it be the increase of average GPA acceptance or the admission process in general. Many students find the recent...

Freshmen, Makena Victor and Julia Smoot, getting ready for P.E. class. One of them was wearing the new Monte Vista shorts, but the other was wearing regular shorts that could get her a dress cut. The difference between the length of the shorts isn’t that off.

P.E. shorts or booty shorts?

Jasreen Gill, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

Most girls hate P.E. uniforms, so we should be glad there are new ones, right? Wrong. The new P.E. shorts violate the school dress code, so what makes them okay to wear during P.E.? I understand...

Go buy your own

Reilly Olson, Op/Ed Editor October 22, 2014

Don’t you have somewhere to be? Aren’t you a little old for trick or treating? Can’t you just go buy your own sugar? These are just a few examples of the types of questions confused and annoyed...

Is Snowglobe still safe?

Natalie Brooker, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

With cool weather brings the talk of long pants, warm sweaters, and the changing color of leaves. Many students at Monte Vista are looking more forward to changing weather bringing the annual Snowglobe...

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Translating the lyrics

Gina Matteo, Feature Editor April 9, 2014

Music has defined every generation, and continues to shape how society holds itself. Today, music can is filled with electric mixes and crazy instrumental solos. Unfortunately, music has taken a turn for...

With fewer and fewer students receiving adequate sleep these days, exhaustion and lack of focus continue to run rampant at MV.

Letting students sleep in: a blessing or a curse?

Reilly Olson, Staff Writer April 9, 2014

Tuesday. While most high schoolers around the nation have to drag themselves out of bed at the usual time on this fateful day of the week, MV students are left with a small slice of paradise that is that...

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Does homework actually help?

Kristen Chang, A&E Editor April 9, 2014

In 2011, Gaithersburg Elementary School, in Maryland, abolished homework by replacing the meaningless worksheets with free reading time. Although the assigned reading time is technically still homework,...

CAPTION: Cupertino protesters gather to rally against the passing of SCA 5, a law that allows UCs and CSUs to discriminate college applicants by race. Awareness spreading in the public was key to stopping the bill in its tracks.
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Racist CA law limiting Asians in UCs destroyed

Emmeline Wei, CC Spin Editor April 9, 2014

Jim Crow laws, Native American reservations, Japanese internment camps— they all seem obsolete. With gay marriage and pro-choice groups making strides in America, you’d think we would be past such...

Pressing ‘delete’ on your digital footprint

Pressing ‘delete’ on your digital footprint

Emmeline Wei, CC Spin Editor March 12, 2014

Ever regretted posting that vicious status, risque picture, or subtly-snubbing tweet? Ever had any of those come back to bite you? If you've answered 'yes' to any of the above-- I know I have-- you're...

We dont get Fs just for failing any more. Some teachers leave Fs in the place of missed tests, even if the test cant be made up for a long time.

Tests are the best

Matt Nardoci, Staff Writer March 12, 2014

We all have that moment where we wonder, “Is it really worth it to just make up this test later?” While it sounds like a great idea since you get more time to study, some teachers’ tests aren’t...

Prom is coming shortly. Among all of the anticipation, many juniors have not finalized all of their elaborate prom plans. Above all, make sure that you have your tickets!

Prom drama

Samantha Teshima, Staff Writer March 12, 2014

Prom is almost upon us. Juniors, particularly junior girls, are stressing out about all of the exciting prom plans--getting dresses and accessories, planning out transportation, etc. However, prom also...

Off Campus Adventures...Not Worth It?

Off Campus Adventures…Not Worth It?

Reilly Olson, Staff Writer March 12, 2014

San Ramon has it, so why can’t we? The age old question surrounding the off campus lunch debate has plagued MV students for years. But would being able to go off campus for lunch actually be such a good...

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