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Senior year: not as easy as it sounds

Senior year: not as easy as it sounds

Samantha Teshima and Melody Schwartz June 4, 2015

“Second semester senior year is so chill.” Seniors believe in the mentality that their last year is a smooth sailing, free ride. Sadly, this is a common misconception that is not so true. With just...

Importance of the arts

Jas Gill May 15, 2015

  I firmly believe arts need to be given more credit for their importance to people. Arts reduce stress for students even though there’s still pressure. Yes, more stress is added, but it’s...

A Major Mistake

A Major Mistake

Grace Wensley, Staff Writer May 15, 2015

Seventeen. Sure, decide the future of your career. But wait, you won’t be able to handle a rental car until you are at least twenty-five. High school students generally apply for college in the Fall...

Students crowd the Workday Student Center during lunchtime. No food is allowed here, so what are these kids doing? Not eating.

Too busy to eat: Lunchtime not for lunch

Ariel Chen, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

What are you doing at lunch? Whether it’s club meetings, test make-ups, or other bizarre reasons for depriving your appetite, not a lot of students are eating at lunch anymore. How many clubs meet...

SchoolLoop is easily accessible for most and efficient as well, but not everything is perfect.

School loop: love it or hate it?

Melody Schwartz, Senior Staff Writer March 26, 2015

It may not be the popular opinion, but I like SchoolLoop. It’s efficient for my lifestyle and keeps me on track for assignments, but is that what everyone thinks? Maybe not. SchoolLoop has been used...

	This graph displays graduation rates of several districts around the Bay Area. Districts have been measured and compared to each other on the same standardized scale for years, despite differences in circumstances.

Only 20 miles away -A completely different high school experience

Grace Wensley, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

   Ninety seven percent. That was the percent of students in the SRVUSD district that graduated highschool in 2011. Sixty five percent. That was Vallejo City Unified school district's rate, almost...

Ms. Little discussing The Great Gatsby with her junior class. The Great Gatsby is known for being one of the most enjoyable books read in high school, but what about the rest?

Darker themes in literature allow for deeper topics

March 26, 2015

Many people tend to dislike the literature we read in school due to the recurring dark, depressing themes, but I, for one, like them. Another factor is that many of the books we read are just old, so...

Journalism caught in Williams’ lie

EDITORIAL March 26, 2015

The real victims of the Brian Williams scandal are journalists that work hard everyday to produce their work, which is quite concerning for student journalists, like those working on The Stampede staff. Brian...

High school graduation: is it really an accomplishment?

Shea Cummings, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

It happens every year, and people everywhere around the world come together to celebrate it. What could it possibly be? No, not a holiday, it’s high school graduation. Here in Danville, California,...



Fatima Ali, CC Spin Editor March 26, 2015

Residents of Danville drive Maseratis, wear Free People and Lululemon clothing, and live in luxurious homes in affluent neighborhoods. How often do we stop to think about how fortunate our lives in Danville...

Plight of the test taker

Plight of the test taker

Reilly Olson, Op/Ed Editor March 26, 2015

As the wave of stress washes over this year’s juniors regarding the start of SAT/ACT testing season, many are considering the possibility of taking the test multiple times. Does this statistically hold...

What makes or breaks a teacher?

Christian Berger, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

“It’s not my fault; the teacher just can’t teach.” Whether it be after a bad grade or a hard lesson, I myself am guilty of uttering this age-old excuse, and you would be hard-pressed to find...

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