High school graduation: is it really an accomplishment?

Shea Cummings , Staff Writer

It happens every year, and people everywhere around the world come together to celebrate it. What could it possibly be? No, not a holiday, it’s high school graduation.

Here in Danville, California, friends, parents, grandparents, uncles, and second and third cousins twice removed all come together to celebrate their loved one graduating from the twelfth grade.

What people are wondering though, is that is it really such a large accomplishment? Understandably, in some parts of the world, country, and even some parts of the Bay Area, graduating from high school might truly be something to celebrate.

In areas such as Oakland, or Richmond, even though they are mere miles away, it may be a struggle for students to receive a high school diploma, and here in Danville, we seem to take that for granted.

Students do not have the resources that we do, and it makes it harder for them to learn, experiment, and receive a proper education. Whereas here, we have an abundance of everything imaginable. Because of the amount of resources that schools around here have, it is very easy to learn.

For students in underprivileged areas, graduating high school can be a very big deal. It is truly exciting.

Here in the SRVUSD however, some say that we make too large of a celebration out of it. It appears that a lot of times, people here make a bigger deal out of it than some families do when their loved ones graduate from college.

Senior Edward Miao thinks that both graduations are something to be celebrated.

“I feel that it is not too big of a deal,” Miao said. “Both high school and college graduations are important, they’re both big steps. It’s good to go above and beyond.”

I feel that in the Danville area, graduating from high school is not an accomplishment. Yes, it is exciting, but it is also a given. Nearly every single student in the high schools of the SRVUSD and neighboring districts graduate from high school. It was how we were raised.

In Danville, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, and beyond, not receiving your diploma is taboo. It is unheard of. Families, friends, and neighbors shun you if you are incapable of graduating from high school. Therefore, we are all pushed to our limits in order to succeed.

Students at Monte Vista go above and beyond with everything they do, and it truly is no surprise when you step on stage to receive your diploma. It is much more of an accomplishment to graduate college and be pushed into the real world.