I sold my soul on “SELL UR STUFF”

Tina Sui, Online Editor and Audio/Video Editor

Every girl on this campus is different. Some are tall, others are short. Some have blonde hair, others have brown. So many things distinguish girls on this campus, but one thing connects them all. SELL UR STUFF.

For those of you who don’t know what “SELL UR STUFF” is, it’s a Facebook page that allows girls in the local area, mostly Danville and San Ramon, to sell their used clothes and other items to other girls in the area.

“SELL UR STUFF” was started a few years ago, but already boasts 2.8k members.

This is how it works: You take pictures of the different items you’re selling. You include the names, sizes, and prices of items. You hit, “post.” Then, you wait.

“SELL UR STUFF” changed my life. I’m not kidding. (I’m literally not kidding.) I used to dry heave at the idea of spending $89 dollars on a Free People shirt, but now, I can buy the same one for $10 off of a girl who doesn’t want it anymore.

I needed a white dress last minute for an event, typed “white dresses” in the search bar for the page, and boom. I found one and picked it up within an hour.

It has revolutionized the idea of “online shopping,” as you get the chance to try the items on as soon as you’d like (most of the time, unless they say “no try ons”,) and buy it the exact same day.

At one point, it took over my life. I would find myself constantly checking the page, my heart racing at the sight of one notification. I would rush to open my Facebook app to see that three girls had already commented on the photo.

However, despite the life changing awe inspiring being that it is, it does have some kinks that need to be worked out. There is no regulation between paying and purchasing, meaning this: if someone says they are going to buy and pick up an item at 5:30 pm on your porch, no one is there to make sure they actually do. Sometimes, people don’t even pick up. Other times, they won’t respond when you ask them if they still want the item.

There is also no regulation in who gets what item. Usually, whoever responds first gets the item. Sometimes, that’s not the case. One time, I was driving to pick an item up, and as I pulled up, the girl who I was buying from texted me saying that another girl already picked it up.

Other times, some people only take cash, while others only take Venmo. I rarely carry cash around, so Venmo is the way to go for me, so it literally sucks when the person I’m buying from doesn’t take Venmo.

Despite the kinks in the system, it is an amazing page that helps me save money and get new clothes cheap and quick.