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Snapchat is a very popular app among millennials. (Courtesy of Snapchat)

Snapchat ruins lives

Nima Ashrafi, Staff Writer January 25, 2017

   Friendship is one of the most important things in life. But in today’s society, some things are really bringing down the value of friendship. And one of those things, is Snapchat.    Don’t...

Was 2016 Really “The Worst Year Yet?”

Was 2016 Really “The Worst Year Yet?”

Eshana Seshadri, Social Media Editor January 24, 2017

    You’ve heard these phrases time and time again…”Let’s leave that in 2016,” “Was it the worst year ever, or what?”     Social media has decried 2016 as the worst year, yet...

SAT & AP Tests...How much is enough?

SAT & AP Tests…How much is enough?

Katrina Flores, Managing Editor January 23, 2017

   If fearing for college debt isn’t enough, what about paying for all of the standardized and AP tests you take in high school?    Many students are taking these tests to have a better chance...

The Problem with Black Friday

Adam Al Desouky and Wade Moldenhauer January 13, 2017

     Black Friday may seem great at first, with all the discounts and cheap prices, but should it really be right after Thanksgiving Day?      Thanksgiving is a day when we should be thankful...

Stop societal standards!

Stop societal standards!

Maddie Dailey, Op-Ed Editor December 9, 2016

   Looking around the school and at home the banners, sweatshirts, hats, colors, and dramatized mascots are a constant reminder of the unreal expectation that everyone should go to college.     Take...

An apple core and several cheese puffs lie discarded on the pavement outside the Student Center. Leftover food and lunchtime trash is a big issue at Monte Vista; it may make you feel like youre down in the dumps, but now isnt the time to put a lid on it. Im here to be vocal about trash. (Courtesy of Michael Rhee)

A midday mess

Michael Rhee, Staff Writer December 9, 2016

    Lunch. Never have 36 minutes been so highly anticipated. A time to relax, goof off, finish that homework assignment you meant to do last night, and, best of all, eat. However, in our haste to...



Michael Rhee and Ian Walsh November 14, 2016

In just a couple months, spring will be in the air….and you know what that means. Love.     Valentine’s Day, flower bouquets, chocolate candies, and dangerous levels of teenage angst giving...

The new iPhone 7 doesnt include a headphone jack unlike the iPhone 6; similarly, to Jack Sparrow when excluding the Jack.
(Courtesy of

No port, no cord, yes problem!

Nicola Bezuidenhout, Staff Writer October 26, 2016

The new iPhone 7 was released a few weeks ago, and the complaints are rising. Many students and adults with iPhones below the iPhone 7 are deciding to stick with their older versions. Why? Specifically,...

Ignoring terrorist attacks

Maddie Dailey, A&E Editor December 18, 2015

    Following the recent ISIS terrorist attacks in France, buildings were lit up to look like the French flag, and Facebook shared their condolences by making a profile filter available for users...

Recognizing “other” holidays

Punya Sidhu , Staff Writer December 18, 2015

If you’re reading this, odds are, you celebrate Christmas. There’s a break designated almost solely for it, and you would never have to miss school to celebrate Christmas. That would be ridiculous,...

Phone banks, phone cubbies, and the Hotel Calipeña

Phone banks, phone cubbies, and the Hotel Calipeña

Lauren Wenger , Staff Writer December 16, 2015

It’s a well-known fact that most teachers at any school do not like it when their students are on their phones during class. This led to many teachers here at Monte Vista getting creative and developing...

Feminism vs. MV

Feminism vs. MV

Ariel Chen , Senior Staff Writer October 22, 2015

Feminism has been around since the 1900’s, but lately it seems to have made a comeback not only throughout MV, but internationally. What is feminism? Social, political, and economic equality between...

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