Kaitlin Bennett: A True American Villain


     Are you pro-choice, a supporter of LGBTQ and against guns? Then you are the perfect target for self-proclaimed conservative journalist, Kaitlin Bennet.

     Kaitlin Bennett is a 24-year-old, gun rights and anti-abortion activist who attended Kent State University in 2018. Bennett was branded with the name “Gun Girl” after she openly carried an AR-10 rifle around the Kent State campus for her graduation photos. Besides being a machine gun covergirl, she is also a social media personality, doing what she calls “interviews” on college campuses and in the general public. Bennett has 400K subscribers on Youtube and 138K followers on Instagram. 

     Instead of contributing anything meaningful to the world, she chooses to provoke people in her interviews that have beliefs that differ from hers—liberals. Her topics of conversation recently have been abortion and transgender people using their preferred bathrooms. In one of her videos, she went around asking strangers what they would do if they saw “a woman with a penis in a woman’s bathroom,” and all these strangers explained that they would not mind, primarily because it is not their business. One interviewee even states that “If they are in the women’s restroom, then they identify as a woman”. Not being able to accept the fact that not everybody is as obsessed with other people’s genitals as she is, Bennett continues to try and belittle her interviewees by constantly restating the question. And hoping they respond in a way she finds satisfactory—in agreement with her viewpoints.

     “It’s okay for people to have their own beliefs if they look at all sides of an argument,” sophomore Khushi Kunjoor said. “But Kaitlin Bennett does nothing of the sort and blindly believes in the opinions that she does.”

     Another instance of Bennett’s “wonderful” journalistic skills was when she intervened during a pro-choice rally and tried to tell a woman who was raped that her story “wasn’t relevant”. Bennett continues to laugh in the woman’s face like any true professional would.

“I think her interviews are invalid,” Kunjoor said. “She always dismisses or cuts off people who have a different opinion than her.”

     When Bennett realizes she is unable to debate with actual knowledge, she chooses to threaten the people that she herself decided to interview, as an alternative: “You know I carry right.”

Because making a gun threat while advocating pro-life makes complete sense.

     However, there must be some valid reason that Bennett has such a substantial following. It has become clear that Democrats are not in favor of her. Republicans, on the other hand, have views that coincide more with Bennetts.

     “…I don’t think she’s a very good journalist. I do however think that she’s good at stirring up debate on certain topics and getting people involved,” member of the conservative club, senior Nicolai Wolkenhauer said.

While it is beneficial that Bennett is taking the steps to create discussion on such relevant topics in our society, she is accomplishing it in all the wrong ways.

      Kaitlin Bennett proves the fact that you can be the complete opposite of an intellectual and still be famous. She is not a journalist. She is a privileged white girl with no respect for people different from her. She preaches that she is just trying to “educate our country” but fails to acknowledge others’ points of views and instead tries to force her beliefs unto others. 

     “I’m all about respecting opinions, but it is not possible with someone like her who is so stubborn to accept that she could be wrong about her beliefs,” Kunjoor said.