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High school debate competitions don’t reflect real politics

Edi Zhang, Staff Writer November 14, 2019

High school debate may very well be the starting point for many future political leaders. Students debate on policy, values, and resolutions to ultimately cultivate their argument and speaking skills....

Fake Rock T Shirts

Mason Hanshaw, Feature Editor November 14, 2019

     Rock and heavy metal music have millions of fans worldwide, with each fan enthusiastically supporting their favorite bands with a wide arsenal of band T-shirts. As many have noticed, there is...

Unexpected homecoming proposals leave students in uncomfortable situations

Chloe Van Puffelen, Staff Writer October 19, 2019

     Cringe: The first word that comes to mind as I watch horrifying homecoming proposals take place.       For many, excitement arises as homecoming rolls around. The exhilaration of dressing...

Men sports gain popularity, women sports lack recognition

Men sports gain popularity, women sports lack recognition

Seta Salkhi, CC Spin Editor October 14, 2019

  Depending on the season, students at Monte Vista can attend rallies for football, see posters for basketball, and hear announcements for baseball. But no matter the time of year, women’s sports come...

A zip tied locker is positioned beside a locker with a traditional lock, which is no longer accepted for non-freshmen without notice to the attendance office. Administration deemed that students stored too much trash in the lockers.

Lockers zip tied due to excess trash, students unaware

Claire Chu, Editor-in-Chief October 14, 2019

     Students carry heavy textbooks, packed lunches and sports equipment to and from school every day, but they are now left with nowhere to store them. Well, that still seems to be the narrative...

Seven boys of the 16 on the tour, pose for a photo before one of their meet ups.

The “multi-talented” Tik Tok boys steal the hearts of girls across America

Marie Shvakel, Business Manager October 14, 2019

 Do you want to become famous but have no talent? If you are an attractive, white teenage male, then Tik Tok is the place for you.      Tik Tok, an app primarily used by these "talented" teenagers,...

Can’t catch enough Z’s…

Alexa Andris, Staff Writer March 4, 2019

  Contrary to popular belief, getting enough sleep can be a lot harder for teenagers than people like to believe. Even though teenagers like to tell stories of being “night owls,” this often backfires...

Going phoneless for 100 hours

Going phoneless for 100 hours

Ally Hughes, Staff Writer March 4, 2019

    People are always talking about the negative effects of constantly being on cell phones, particularly with teens. But is what they say true?     According to Pew Research Center’s dataset...

The dating game

Jacklyn Taylor, Staff Writer March 4, 2019

    Feb. 14 is where lovers find their zing, or in other words, really where they find their other half. Valentine’s day is what we call it, and some might argue it is not all lovey-dovey.     Valentine’s...

80s trends such as scrunchies, mom jeans and denim jackets are extremely popular within teen girls. This photo was taken for Brandy Melville, a popular store that caters to many teens who enjoy wearing those trends.

Back to the 80’s

Adya Agarwal, Staff Writer March 4, 2019

    Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, the song Don’t Stop Believing—80’s trends seem to be taking over the nation without any sign of stopping.     The 80’s were considered an...

‘4×4’ pushed back

Raquel Montelindo, Feature Editor February 28, 2019

The 4x4 schedule has been a controversial topic since it was first brought up at the end of 2018. On Jan. 31, Dr. Kevin Ahern, Monte Vista’s principal, posted an announcement concerning the schedule...

Just one example of one of the current participation trophies available to buy.

Everybody (does not) win

Anthony Santa Maria, News Editor January 16, 2019

We are told that “everybody is a winner” left and right, and that “there are no winners or losers.” We even give certificates and trophies to show it, but it is time to stop. Since I first...

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