Guilty of procrastination

     Procrastination: it’s something we all do but know we shouldn’t.

     Many of us procrastinate in order to avoid  homework or studying for a test. But why do so many of us find ourselves procrastinating?

     “Because no one wants to do work. Its not fun,” senior Sydney Kay Wetner said.

     If students are going to find a way to kill their time, they might as well use it to do something productive. But in most cases, students use their time on unproductive social media. Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and twitter suck up valuable time without us even being aware.

     “I spend almost all my time checking my facebook or instagram at school and at home,” junior Audrey Blalock said.

     Procrastination never results in positive outcomes. Students usually end up trying to finish up assignments at the last minute.

     “Over the summer I had to write two essays and barely finished with ten minutes to spare,” junior Hailey Marie said.

     Procrastination isn’t something students should continue because it only makes our life harder.

     “There would be so much less stress and we’d  learn more or study better if we didn’t do it,” junior Alyssa Coons said.

     Teachers find that procrastination has only lead their students to more stress.

     “After a long school day, kids need a break from academics, but [once] those breaks are too long [it] leads to procrastination,” math teacher Aimee Kerr said.

     Although procrastinating is a bad habit, we need to end it. Continuing to procrastinate will only damage students later.

     “It’s not setting them up for success,” Kerr said.

     Procrastination is a choice that has only caused students to steer themselves in the wrong direction. Because we know right from wrong, procrastination is something we must learn to end.