GTA V: Helping build a better society

    Rockstar, a video gaming company, recently released Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), the latest game in the widely respected and heartily applauded Grand Theft Auto series. The line of games is famous for delivering positive messages to youth by crushing misogynist, classist, and racist stereotypes and refusing to meet the demands of our hyper-violent society.

       A new aspect of the game is that you can play from a choice of three lead characters. The narrative follows these characters as they journey to inner-city schools and speak about the harmful effects of domestic and drug abuse, warn against joining gangs, and advocate safe-sex. One notable lead character, Trevor, also helps free the prostitutes in his life-long effort to reduce sex trafficking and the exploitation of women.

       “I think students can learn a lot of life skills from Grand Theft Auto,” History teacher James Rossi said. “It definitely empowers women

    Grand Theft Auto V is jam-packed with revolutionary features that will with no doubt leave the player feeling immersed in an inspiring life that is much more meaningful than their own. Some of the new sophisticated details the player can experience in GTA V are playing tennis and golfing with their pals, fashioning outfits from a hot mix of hip clothing, and jamming to their favorite tunes from a larger selection of radio stations.

    This game makes the perfect gift for local youth of all ages because it is essential that they grow up to be “hard”. The Children of Danville unfortunately have to endure the town’s cold, rough streets on the daily, and not only is GTA V a valuable tool in making sure these kids are in tact with their street smarts, but ownership of the game can also help improve their reputation.

    If you want to score a few “cool points” or finally fit in with our immaculate generation of sober, respectable, clean-cut young ladies and chaps, then GTA V is right for you. You can be sure as heck my little brother will find this game wrapped up under our Christmas tree. Thanks, Rockstar!

Disclaimer: All the information provided in this article is 100% true.