Envy for the asphalt

    A tense rivalry has always lingered among the junior and senior classes, and it even affects where they claim their parking.

    As students start getting their licenses and cars to go with them, they also have to search for the perfect parking spot, but if a junior parks in the “senior” lot, it could be trouble.

   Cars belonging to juniors have been keyed or vandalized in some way for stepping out of their so call “boundaries”. The two lots have never been officially assigned to any certain grade, but the students don’t hesitate to segregate themselves from one another.

    Each lot has its perks and disadvantages.  Some juniors try to sneak into the senior lot because its quicker,  closer to classes, and faster to get to the cars when school lets out. On the other hand, seniors park in the junior lot because its easier to avoid traffic, but they have to make the sprint to reach it first, before traffic becomes too congested.

    “The advantages of the junior lot is that you get out of the traffic quicker,” junior Alicia Yoshino said. “The senior lot takes forever to leave. However, the junior lot is farther away and it’s annoying to walk back and forth.”

    There is much debate over what lot is better, with some juniors sneaking their way into the senior lot, but also many seniors parking in the more spacious junior lot. With tight curves and an old design plot of the senior lot, it can be a little too cozy for some seniors.

    “In my opinion, why wouldn’t you park in the nicer junior lot instead of the cramped senior lot?” senior Melanie Olling Said.

    There really isn’t much that can be done to desegregate the lots, but its all in good fun, and typically harmless. The feud may never stop, and seems that it will always be an ongoing tradition among students of Monte Vista.