How do you dirty dance?

    School dances are great for dancing and going a little crazy with your friends, but not for dancing on them.

   Urban dictionary describes dirty dancing as basically one step away from having sex on the dance floor. Dirty dancing can also be described as dancing suggestively by your self and/or with someone else.

    Miley Cyrus infamously portrayed this in her new music videos and at the VMAs. Students have used twerking, grinding, or anything that involves shaking your butt as examples of dirty dancing.

   “Every generation thinks they have pushed the button,” principal Janet Terranova said.

    Something like twerking is just a phase we are going through in the media right now. When we grow up, there is no doubt that some other form of “crude” dancing will be in with the kids.

         If caught dirty dancing at one of our school dances, you are to be given one warning. On the first warning, you are pulled aside, spoken to, and the wristband you were given at the beginning of the dance will be confiscated. If you’re caught dirty dancing again after, then you are to be kicked out.

   “[Will we be able to] eliminate it entirely? Maybe not, but I think it’s a lot less than it has been,” Terranova said

    Music sets the mood. The slower the song, the more innocently people dance. The faster the beat, the more hearts race as people jump around, shake, Jerk, Cat-Daddy, Spongebob or whatever it is that they do.

  “When it’s an upbeat song, we are teenagers so we get in the moment, and [dirty dancing] just kinda happens,” senior Hannahisabella Amayo said.

    This is why the school uses the same DJs for the dances throughout the year. The ones they hire know how to control, as well as entertain, their audience. They keep the crowd in an appropriate mood.

     Dancing gives an adrenaline rush. It might be because it’s a good workout, or maybe because breaking school rules is thrilling. Some students could possibly be doing dirty dancing because their parents wouldn’t approve.

    “[It gives you] a special vibe which can’t be described,” sophomore John Woolway said. “[I dirty dance] because it’s fun and because I get to do it with my girlfriend.”

   If you’re in a relationship, then why not dance with your boyfriend or girlfriend? People in relationships have a right to sexually do what they want with their partner. But, is dirty dancing at a school dance the place for that? Maybe they should wait to grind sexually at a party or teen club.

    Since we are still living under are parents roofs

    “We’re too young to [dirty dance],” freshman Meredith Corda said.

   As we get older, how we take dancing can be a sign of our maturity.If your grinding with someone and just saying back and forth then it’s not a big deal. you might not be able to handle dirty dancing if you go overboard with twerking or grinding, bent over way too low.

    “Dirty dancing makes people look trashy,” senior Pom dancer Jeryn Lovell said.

    Dancing is definitely a way for someone to express themselves and have fun. But how you express yourself is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be seen. No matter what people will judge, so how you dance may define how you are remembered.

   Some girls feel pressure to grind on a guy. Some students think that if they dirty dance with a guy then the guy will like them more. This is most likely not the case. By dirty dancing with a guy, he may actually respect you less.

    “I think that girls are pressure to dirty dance because, now a days, guys have a lot higher expectation for girls to be like strippers.” senior Mirabella Zeliger said. “I feel that the way music videos and how different celebrities portray themselves make it feel like girls have to be like that.”

     People also think that if they dirty dance it will make them more cool because the upperclassmen have been said to have done or it has become an everyday part of our lives through media.

         Some girls feel they can’t go to a dance without a guy randomly coming up behind them and dancing with them.

    Some girls are just too nice to say no when a guy randomly comes up behind them. They don’t want to be rude and think that if they say no or push the guy off of them, that they are being mean.

    “[I feel] violated, kinda, even though it’s not happening to yourself,” sophomore Carina Romanov said. “You’re watching those people and feel kinda sorry for those people, because they’re putting themselves out there in that way that is not very pleasant.”