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Homecoming Rally

Homecoming Rally

Aaron Sanghera October 20, 2015

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Brief lockdown at SRVHS

Brief lockdown at SRVHS

Bailey Ferguson and Stampede Staff October 13, 2015

A 16 year old Alamo resident was detained by police on Tuesday after the students at San Ramon Valley High School were held under a 30 minute lockdown. The lockdown was lifted just after noon after...

UC admissions split for Class of 2015

Kevin Yang, News Editor June 5, 2015

The tale of University of California admissions for the Class of 2015 is a two-sided story. While the percent of applicants who were admitted has risen 2.6 percent on average across all UC schools,...

Science Alliance: Mentoring young minds

Samantha Teshima and Chris Bortolon June 5, 2015

The Science Alliance fair held at Monte Vista this year had over 200 fifth grader participants. They were supported by over 200 high school mentors, and a handful of teachers and parent volunteers....

Red Tie Robotics goes to World Championships

Ariel Chen, Staff Writer June 5, 2015

With the ongoing success of Monte Vista’s student robotics club, the Red Ties have recently competed in the World Championships at Edwards Jones Dome (aka the Rams stadium) in St. Louis, Missouri. Co-presidents...

The end of an era

Nathan James, Staff Writer June 5, 2015

As another year comes to an end, Monte Vista prepares to say goodbye to this year’s seniors.  It will also bid farewell to some teachers and counselors who are ready to take the next step in their lives. The...

Student wins $36,000 scholarship to Cal

Abby Vogeley, Staff Writer June 5, 2015

A student at Monte Vista has won a $36,000 scholarship from the Proton Onsite Scholarship and Innovation program, and is headed for success. Mayia Vranas, a senior, was incredibly shocked to hear that...

The Peshawar School attack took place on December 16, 2014 when seven gunmen entered the Army Public School, killing 145 people. This was one of the many terrorist attacks that the country of Pakistan is facing. Due to this, school safety has been heavily installed and serious measures are being taken to protect the students of Pakistan.

Islamabad, Pakistan VS Danville, California

Fatima Ali, CC Spin Editor May 15, 2015

From just the start of 2015, there has been 855 fatalities from 9 attacks due to terrorist violence in Pakistan. Just last year there was a total of 5,496 fatalities, and since 2003 there has been a shocking...

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier visits Monte Vista

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier visits Monte Vista

Gina Matteo, Editor in Chief March 26, 2015

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier visited Monte Vista on February 17, his first stop on his Educational Listening Tour. Elected as a member of  the 114th Congress early this year, DeSaulnier was appointed...

Above and beyond: AP honor roll

Stephanie Toong, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

SRVUSD Recognized for AP Achievement (Three words to describe AP: Tests, Homework, and Studying) The San Ramon Valley Unified School District has been recognized by the College Board for the number...

A new take on physics class

Kevin Yang, News Editor March 26, 2015

Why is it that physics, an area of science that describes the many exciting phenomena of the physical world, often seems so dry and abstract? Why does such a fascinating field of science seem to lose its...

The STAR is falling

The STAR is falling

Katrina Flores, Staff Writer March 26, 2015

Throughout the last few years, students have taken the statewide standardized test, also known as the STAR test. This year, however, a new test has been implemented in California, called the CAASPP. The...

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