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MV Speech dominates at season’s first competition

Reilly Olson, Op/Ed Editor October 23, 2014

The high school speech and debate season is back in business. 135 Monte Vista students embarked on a bus journey to Santa Rosa High School on September 20th, 2014. This is the first chance new students...

New Senior Parking Lot Raises Controversy

New Senior Parking Lot Raises Controversy

Maddie Dailey and Christian Berger October 22, 2014

Monte Vista’s new parking lot is now in working order, ready to serve students and faculty for the 2014-2015 school year. Most, however, have mixed feelings about its effectiveness and practicality. The...

California issues first plastic bag ban

California issues first plastic bag ban

Melody Schwartz, Senior Writer October 22, 2014

On Tuesday, September 23, Governor Jerry Brown signed the first statewide ban of plastic grocery bags in the nation in an act to reduce pollution. Although Brown signed for the ban on plastic bags,...

Middle school teacher arrested for child pornography

Fatima Ali , CC Spin Editor October 22, 2014

Mitchell Wolf, a well known math teacher at Diablo Vista Middle School, was arrested this August for possession of child pornography. He was arrested on Friday August 22nd after a forced search warrant...

False alarms, real consequences

False alarms, real consequences

Chris Bortolon, A&E Editor October 22, 2014

The blaring wail of the fire alarm has been a common sound around campus, highlighting Monte Vista’s surprising rate of triggered alarms, with four in the first two months of school. In 2013-2014,...

Students in Hong Kong take the streets

Kevin Yang, News Editor October 22, 2014

Thousands of protesters in Hong Kong have occupied the city’s streets since mid-September in hopes of achieving more democratic elections. On September 22, Hong Kongese students took the streets of...

Cal High Wrestling Coach Arrested for Alleged Relationship with Student

Kevin Yang, News Editor October 22, 2014

  A Cal High wrestling coach is facing charges of child molestation due to allegedly having a relationship with minors. California High School wrestling coach Kevin Lopez, age 27, was arrested on...

Ebola spreading like a wildfire

Grace Wensley, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

A recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in West Africa has killed over two thousand people since last winter. March of this year was when the Ebola outbreak was first identified in Guinea. Since then it...

iPhone 6 hits the market

Hanrin Cho, Staff Writer October 22, 2014

Whether it’s online or at the Monte Vista campus, Apple fanatics are currently raving about one thing and one thing only: the iPhone 6. With its recent release on the market just a few weeks ago,...

Napa residents continue to restore the “Wine Country” after the quake

Napa residents continue to restore the “Wine Country” after the quake

Katrina Flores , Staff Writer October 22, 2014

The trembling of the Napa earthquake only lasted a few seconds, but its aftermath has affected many people, homes, and buildings through the present-day. After the powerful 6.0 magnitude earthquake...

New Student Center café

New Student Center café

Amanda Mileski, Staff Writer May 14, 2014

Monte Vista first opened up the new Workday Student Center in the fall of 2013. The building, generously donated by the Duffields, gives MV students wonderful new opportunities with the new technology...

The sprinklers by the Student Center are found watering the lawn on a rainy day. Although the district controls the water usage at Monte Vista, students can still take action to conserve water during the statewide drought.

Water usage at MV?

Laura Kenny, Editor in Chief May 14, 2014

Despite last week’s rainfall, the Bay Area is officially in what is considered to be an “exceptional drought” -the worst of the four drought categories. This year’s rainfall totals fall between...

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