El HoCo Loco

Claire Chu, Staff Writer

    Whether or not homecoming was worth the shopping and looking presentable for the night was up to the students, but the eventful week lit up the spirit of students at Monte Vista.

    This year’s overall theme was Magic in MV, with each class having a specific name. To kick off Homecoming Week, each grade level decorated a building according to their class theme. Freshmen had Toy Story, Sophomores had Halloween Town, Juniors had Peter Pan, and Seniors had Harry Potter.

    Freshmen Leadership member, Madden Miller, had her own opinions on the class themes.

    “I don’t think the overall theme this year was very strong, and not very magical,” she said. “However, I loved decorating the buildings for Toy Story even though it was painstaking with no air conditioning and making sure everyone was on the right track.”

    To many, however, the class themes were very creative and many people were able to participate in spirit days throughout the week.

    “It’s definitely the most creative theme of all the years at Monte Vista,” Junior Genevieve Cassidy said.

   The Thursday of Homecoming Week was the rally, where the lip syncs were performed. Anyone was able to participate in it, and each grade, including staff, choreographs one.

    “Everyone’s so into the dances and each grade puts a different twist which makes it so fun to watch,” Sophomore Natalie McNutt said.

    Senior Mary Mikaili is part of Leadership and elaborated about the excitement of Homecoming lip syncs.

     “Lip syncs are very fun, and it’s a great way to meet new people, get involved, and most importantly have fun,” Mikaili said.

    Aside from pre-homecoming rallies and the football game, the actual dance was what most people looked forward to. McNutt went to homecoming last year and voiced her side for people who were still deciding.

    “Homecoming is so fun, even if you hate dancing or crowds because it’s a night that only happens once a year,” McNutt said.

    Because Homecoming is a night where students only have four chances to attend, many students recommend, even if dancing isn’t their talent.

    “Some people really love homecoming, and some people never go, but I would say it’s definitely worth it to go,” Cassidy said. “There’s a lot of other activities to do like arcade games and food trucks.”

    This year, Homecoming was different compared to those in the past. The spirit level, Homecoming kings and queens, location, time, and pregame rituals had been altered.

    “Last year, because the gym was under renovations that went longer than expected, the homecoming dance was moved outside for the first time,” Cassidy said. “We are continuing to use the new location because everyone really liked it.”

    Along with a new location adopted from last year, Homecoming was earlier this year because of the new schedule shift.

    However, the biggest difference this year was the election for Homecoming King and Queen, which only included Seniors.

    “…in past years, there was Homecoming court for all the classes, but this year it’s only for the Seniors,” Mikaili said. “Another major difference that was not included this year were golf carts that each class decorates for the princes and princesses to ride during halftime at the game.”

    For the coming years, many students want to see elections for all classes come back because they enjoyed representing their grade.

    “I would like it if they would bring back elections for homecoming court for every grade,” Cassidy said. “I actually thought that was a lot of fun, and the reveal was exciting.”

    Students also have an interest in adding and changing Homecoming activities for the future.

     “I would add activities at lunch, but other than that I think homecoming week is really fun,” McNutt said.

    The Freshmen will become more experienced in the Homecoming process while the Seniors leave with four years of Homecoming in the books.

    “I am looking forward to tackling the decorating process again,” Miller said. “I’m excited to get the school involved and hopefully have a bigger group of people doing the lip sync.”

    With the support of students getting involved throughout the week and participating in the dance, Homecoming helped the voice of Monte Vista and united the school.