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Junior Nick Bortolon plays the marimba during a field show for matching bad.  Bortolon has been playing since his sophomore year and the success has been plentiful (Courtesy of Nick Bortolon)

Nick Bortolon

Maddie Dailey, Op-Ed Editor February 15, 2017

    There’s a lot more that goes into playing the xylophone than you think.  Or rather, in this case, the marimba.     Junior Nick Bortolon has been playing an instrument since his days...

Bella Romano, with her dad, in Antarctica with the penguins. She visited the untouched continent over winter break, living off of cold chicken in a boat, surrounded by icebergs and snow-capped mountains. (Courtesy of Bella Romano)

Bella Romano

Heather No, Staff Writer January 23, 2017

   Can you believe it? There’s someone right here at Monte Vista High who was able to accomplish the goal of traveling to all seven continents of the world, completing her very last continent over...

Jackie Kupeli

Maddie Dailey, Op Ed Editor November 9, 2016

    Not all big things come in big packages.     Standing 5’2”, senior Jackie Kupeli makes a big impact on and off the court for the Monte Vista varsity Women’s Volleyball team.  Not...

Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

Heather No, Staff Writer November 9, 2016

     The sound of whistles blowing, cheers, and shouts are probably what a certain junior hears the most. Varsity cross-country and lacrosse star, and JV soccer player, she has a lot going for her...

Kelsey Sarracino poses at a tournament with her horse, Kai.  She bought him this past spring in Canada.
(Courtesy of John Sarracino)

Kelsey Sarracino

Lauren Walker, News Editor October 26, 2016

For junior Kelsey Sarracino the average day doesn’t just include going to school and doing homework- she spends time at a barn riding horses. During the school year she goes to the barn at least three...

Mr. Khan

Mr. Khan

October 24, 2016

This year, Monte Vista has welcomed a new Assistant Principal to Monte Vista’s staff. Mr. Kenny Kahn grew up humbly in Richmond, California, living with his mother, who is a retired special educator...

Foreign exchange student, Aleix Ciurana, poses with his host sister, sophomore Francesca Jofre.

Aleix Ciurana

Sumin Lim, CC Spin Editor October 24, 2016

    A melting pot of many different cultures, Monte Vista has opened its arms wide for students of all backgrounds.     One of the foreign exchange students attending Monte Vista this year...

Josephine Lee at her Monte Vista Cross Country meet with her friends, Eliza and Christina, who are supporting her.

Josephine Lee

Claire Chu, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

   Countless students fight to make a change for others, but one student creates a long term effect for many whilst participating in multiple activities.    For most people, five miles a day...

Here, Sanghal, top middle, and Wong, right, pose along with the Girls and Guys Who Code students.
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Trisha Sanghal

Punya Sidhu, Feature Editor October 20, 2016

    One day last year, as Trisha Sanghal drove her little sister, Tanya, and her friends home from school, she heard a voice from the backseat say, “Coding is for guys!”. It was that moment that...

Sydney Sheperd

Sydney Sheperd

Niru Datta, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

      By playing offensively on and off the field, one Monte Vista student was able to score what she describes as her greatest goal- committing to play soccer for her dream university.     Securing...

Usman Hanif

Clay McKnight, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

     For most high school students playing one sport or activity on top of an already rigorous school day is more than enough to keep busy. However, there is always those who manage to find time in...

Ian Walsh, 15, with his book, Stragglers.

Ian Walsh

Michael Rhee, Staff Writer October 20, 2016

    Once again, Monte Vista has shown itself to be a place of accomplishments in the arts.     Many people have the misconception of authors being stuffy, old people, clacking away at a typewriter...

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