Alex Wilson

On and off the field


Heather No, Staff Writer

     The sound of whistles blowing, cheers, and shouts are probably what a certain junior hears the most. Varsity cross-country and lacrosse star, and JV soccer player, she has a lot going for her for the rest of her years at Monte Vista. On the field, she’s a star player, and off the field, she’s a star student, guaranteeing the fact that she is one to watch for.

     “It is difficult to play 3 sports and maintain good grades,” Alex Wilson said. “but I am able to do it because i manage my time well. If I wasn’t organized, I wouldn’t be able to play all of the sports I wanted to.”

     One might think the process would come easily for her. Wilson tells us how it was equally difficult and challenging for each sport.

     “It was difficult to make the varsity team for cross country and lacrosse,” Wilson said. “I had to earn my spot for both, which took time and hard work. I earned my JV spot on the soccer team through a long series of tryouts.”

     With all these sports going on, one would think school would come second, but for Wilson, school is equally as important. She has been maintaining over a 4.0 GPA since last year and continues to excel in her studies. This further shows how talented Wilson is, and it isn’t hard to imagine what her future holds.

     “My dream would be to go to college and play lacrosse. I’m not sure which college I want to play at, but probably a good school (academic-wise) in California,” she said.

     Wilson has tons of experience, for she has been playing these sports all her life. She began playing soccer around the age of 5, and has been part of a team ever since. She began playing lacrosse in 6th grade, which her friends got her into. And most surprisingly, she joined cross country last, in freshman year, when her mom, who ran at Cal Berkeley in college, convinced her to give it a try.

     “My advice for any freshman who are hoping to play on a varsity team in high school would be to keep working your hardest and after some time, success comes, and it’s a great feeling.”

     Competition is always tough, and for Wilson, it is all about keeping the right mentality. This year she regretfully won’t be playing for MV’s soccer team, wanting to focus more on her studies and lacrosse, which has come to be her favorite sport. But keep an eye out for her on the field during lacrosse season, because she will definitely be one of the players leading the team to victory.