Usman Hanif

Clay McKnight, Staff Writer

     For most high school students playing one sport or activity on top of an already rigorous school day is more than enough to keep busy. However, there is always those who manage to find time in their day to go that extra mile to help others.

     Usman Hanif (or Usy Goosey to his friends) is a 15 year old junior at MV.  Hanif is extremely involved in the community school activities. He is the president of the Muslim Student Association, member of the Danville Youth Council, officer of Leadership, activities officer for CSF, member of Monte Vista Speech and Debate team, and Vice President of Hoops for Humanity (charity sponsored by the Golden State Warriors).

     “I really have to stay on top of everything by staying organized and using my time wisely,” Hanif said.

     However, things haven’t always come easy in his life because he has had to move schools on three different occasions.

     “Even though I’m good at making friends it was still hard to stay positive and adjust because when transitioning from one school…you are put in positions where you have to go out of your comfort zone,” Hanif said.

     “[Hanif’s childhood] really reflects his personality today since he is always so positive all the time” Jackson Broadous, junior and long time friend of Hanif, said.

     Usman thrives the most in Speech and Debate, which he has been participating in since freshman year. During the school year the Speech and Debate team competes against other schools in many different styles.

     “I have a strong interest in current affairs and also like public speaking,” Hanif said. “I am also very competitive which convinced me that speech and debate would be right for me” said Usman.

     Although the road to success will be long, everyone knows Hanif has a very bright future. When Hanif is an adult, he would like to start his own large non-profit organization that focuses not only on ending poverty but also on providing social justice.

     “My end goal is to help as many people as I can, if I can do that I will be content,” Hanif said. “I love everyone.”