Sydney Sheperd

Sydney Scores


Niru Datta, Staff Writer

      By playing offensively on and off the field, one Monte Vista student was able to score what she describes as her greatest goal- committing to play soccer for her dream university.

    Securing this dream commitment came early but not easy for Sydney Shepherd. Now a Junior at Monte Vista, Shepherd was able to make a verbal commitment to the University of Michigan in April of her sophomore year. While this may be early for most, Shepherd was able to prove her capabilities from an early age, being ranked as one of the top players in her age group and making varsity women’s soccer in her freshman year at Monte Vista. Additionally, Shepherd’s ability to also perform well academically made her a valuable recruit for any university to have.

    As she was only a sophomore, Shepherd had to take an independent initiative to contact the universities she was interested in, and she began to communicate with many academically and athletically prestigious schools, such as Michigan and USC. However, from the beginning Shepherd dreamed of attending Michigan, just as her father did before her. Additionally, she loved the balance of academics and sports that were at the college, and as a bonus, she loved the nike apparel that Michigan gave student athletes.

    After frequent communication with the college, Shepherd was able to go to Ann Arbor to visit the university, and was then able to verbally commit to play for their women’s soccer team as a student athlete in the class of 2022, being the only Monte Vista sophomore to commit to a university in 2016.

    However, from now until she graduates high school, she has to maintain the attributes that made the university originally eager to accept her, as she must continue to play soccer and keep her grades up. Then in senior year she will apply to Michigan, although her application will simply be confirmed by the athletic department at the university, and in January of 2018, she will officially commit to the college.

   After college, Shepherd already has planned high hopes for her future. Although she hopes she would be able to continue playing soccer after college, she is also highly interested in a career of helping other people.

   “It would be great if I could continue playing soccer after Michigan, but if not, I’m really interested in a career in something in the medical field”, Shepherd said.

   Many close to Sydney, such as her brother, Briton, and close friend, Hannah Sidhom, know that this great achievement will be the first of many accomplishments still to come in her bright future ahead of her, with many more goals to come.