The Prom Dilemma

Kiara Miltin, Staff Writer

Ladies calm down… It’s only prom!

It’s safe to say that any girl has the right to get ready for prom, but at times, some girls rush to get ready a little bit too early.There are various forms of preparation that can go into prom, such as who’s throwing the party, when to get the dress, and desperately trying to find a date.

But at times, all the thought that goes into all these things can be too much. Which makes us question, are all these early preparations necessary? Some would say they’re not.

“Why are you going to make such an exaggerated deal about it,” junior Anshula Singh said.

Preparations such as picking out a dress have to be planned several months in advance, which causes girls to overthink what dress to choose. Of course it’s ok for a girl to want to find the right dress, but it’s not okay to worry about it so much.

“There are more things to worry about than the color of your dress,” Singh said.

Prom can leave a highschooler broke. Many girls invest in dresses that are hundreds of dollars all to wear for one night. It’s almost as if prom has become a mini holiday, and stores are ready to sell their prom dresses early to make money.

“A nice dress is fine but why would you spend 500 or 600 dollars on a dress for one night…I have a budget,” Singh said.

Not only do high schoolers invest in dresses, but many also indulge in pre parties, party buses, limos, and much more. For girls there are many other things to worry about when it comes to beauty.

“Prom is too overboard when people spend thousands of dollars on dresses and limos and hotel rooms,” junior Talia Dobrec said.

Prom should be a night filled with fun that comes naturally. Girls should know that they don’t have to worry about the color of their shoes, or dress, and planning out prom shouldn’t be necessary. If we can learn to relax and not plan the  whole night out in our head, it can save us from disappointment.

“People should have fun and just let the night happen,” Dobrec said.