Everest for Nepal

Jas Gill, Staff Writer

A junior at Monte Vista has created a fundraiser to create better lives for the Nepali people after the 7.8 earthquake on April 25th.

The earthquake hit Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, destroying homes, monuments, and lives. Everest Damaschino created a fundraiser upon hearing about the earthquake. The fundraiser helps to create houses and schools in Nepal through the Nepal Youth Foundation, which raises money to improve the lives of those in Nepal and to secure a better future for the children.

“I think the Nepal Youth Foundation has a really good goal, so I feel really comfortable putting money into the charity and funding that goal to help improve the lives of the Nepali children,” Damaschino said. “The money goes straight to the charity, and the headquarters are in the Bay Area, so I’m setting up a meeting to go talk with them soon.”

Damaschino formed his close relationship with the people of Nepal after visiting Mount Everest in April of 2014. When he heard about the earthquake he decided he needed to do something.

“While I was on that trip I really connected with the people of Nepal, so when I heard about the terrible earthquake it really struck a chord with me,” Damaschino said. “That really made me want to help, so it was enough motivation for me to really do something about it.”

So far the fundraiser, Everest for Nepal, has raised about $15,000 which can build about 15 homes. In order to create a school, $20,000 would be needed, which doesn’t seem too far from now. The goal is to raise $100,000, which is a bit ambitious, but on the bright side there is no deadline. People can help by donating at www.crowdrise.com/everestfornepal.

“There’s no reason to put a cap on the fundraising that we could do,” Damaschino said. “Any sort of help is needed and wanted and is helpful, and so $100,000, seemingly crazy, is not even enough.”

Damaschino has done smaller work for charities through Boy Scouts and community events, but never something as big as the fundraiser he has now created.

“This is definitely the biggest thing I’ve ever done, and it feels really good to help out,” Damaschino said. “To have so many people wanting to help you just puts a whole new feel to the act of raising money and doing something that can help other people all the way across the world.”