Shortage of short flags

At the first rally of the year, many students noted the shortage of flag girls. What once was a team of seven now only has four.

Short flags have been a crowd favorite in rallies for years and even used to perform during football games. Members include junior Ashley Prickett, senior Maria Vorromeo, senior Erika Chun and senior Michaela Rubinfeld.

What’s to blame for this abrupt decline in participation? Due to the large amount of graduating seniors, the returning shot flag performers have a lot on their plate to find replacements. Tryouts to be on team will take place after homecoming week, by the winter rally there will hopefully be more than four members.

Short Flags practice everyday at lunch behind the student center, and not only have to be physically prepared, but mentally prepared as well.

“When we go to camps, it is funny because many other teams tell us that when we catch the flags we have an expression of surprise and releif. This is fine, but you cannot show emotion when you drop it.” said Senior Michaela Rubinfeld, a member of the team since her sophomore year.

The ideal short flag member would be hardworking, athletic, and able to work under pressure or in front of a large group of people. Boys are also encouraged to try out and may be key players the team is missing. Short flags has struggled in the past to find people who are willing to be on the team year-round. Many members have quit before the season was over which sets back the members who are year-long participants.

“We get around 20 boys during the club fair who sign up as a joke. We need people on the team who are willing to put in the hours and won’t quit due to outside reasons halfway through the season,” said Senior Erika Chun.

As long as short flags are willing to perform, the leadership class says they will always be invited to be in the rally lineup. The shortage of girls this early on in the year is nothing to be concerned about. Students of Monte Vista can expect this team to be even better than last year.

If you are interested in being a member of the short flags team or you want to ask questions about tryout days or practice times contact: