Tests are the best

We dont get Fs just for failing any more. Some teachers leave Fs in the place of missed tests, even if the test cant be made up for a long time.

We don’t get F’s just for failing any more. Some teachers leave F’s in the place of missed tests, even if the test can’t be made up for a long time.

We all have that moment where we wonder, “Is it really worth it to just make up this test later?”

While it sounds like a great idea since you get more time to study, some teachers’ tests aren’t the easiest to make up and even then they aren’t fair to the student.  Some teachers don’t even allow make-ups!

History teacher Gina Hennehan does not give make ups for her missed tests. Instead the portion of the final that covers that material you missed is graded and used as your test score too. In the meantime a zero is given for that test all the way up until the final.

For some, their parents will punish their kids for having a zero in any class or if their grade drops below a certain percentage. Having a fat zero for a test just because you can’t make it up is unfair to those students.

Some teachers set a few dates at the end of each semester or each quarter to make up your tests. These dates are so imperative to be there for. After all missing them means you get a zero on the test.

Depending on when you missed the test it can be upwards of four or five months before you finally get the chance to make it up. Cramming time!

Principal Janet Terranova states that making the test up later or as part of your final is actually better.

“If I’m taking math and I miss Chapter 4, by the end of the quarter I have reviewed information,” Terranova explains. “It’s almost an advantage.”

While on paper this seems like a great idea, in execution it can fall flat rather easily. By reviewing the old information that might not be as relevant anymore can just end up confusing people instead.

It would be so much easier if every teacher just had the same test make-up policy. It would help make everyone’s life easier. Students wouldn’t need to stress about remembering which classes they need to make up when and what it was on. Instead it would be a nice, smooth process that makes life easier for everyone, after all, teachers wouldn’t need to worry about reminding certain students that their test.