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“13 Reasons Why” you should have met Jay Asher

Courtesy of Lauren Walker

Lauren Edelman, Online Editor

November 23, 2016

      Danville bookstore, Rakestraw Books, invited Jay Asher to Monte Vista and hosted the event in the Workday Student Center on November 2.  To celebrate Asher’s first publishing in six years, students attended the event thinking he would solely discuss his new book, What Light, but Asher shared a...

A new face for the math department

Cindy Nguyen, pictured, lays out all the materials on her desk for Geometry and Algebra 2 before she teaches the class.
(Courtesy of Claire Chu)

Claire Chu, Staff Editor

November 9, 2016

    Monte Vista’s math department welcomed a new teacher to replace Amy Christiansen for her maternity leave in late September.     Former math department chair at San Jose High School (SJHS), Cindy Nguyen, found an opening to be a substitute for Christiansen, who will not return for t...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The main character played by Felicity Jones, is an orphan known for having a rogue streak.

Taylor Ziegenfus, Staff Writer

November 9, 2016

    “Star Wars” enthusiasts everywhere wait in anticipation for the release of Disney’s newest galactic film: “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.     39 years ago, “Star Wars, Episode IV - A New Hope” was released. Now, on December 16, 2016, Disney is releasing a prequel to that film....

Vegan Fever

Band members (top to bottom) Kenneth Kim, Arsenio Batoy and Ilya Blazhiyevskiy pose for a photo after practicing one of their new songs
(Courtesy of Julia Lyckberg)

Julia Lyckberg, Staff Writer

November 9, 2016

    Everyone expresses their passions in different ways. For many it’s through a form of art, for junior Arsenio Batoy, sophomore Ilya Blazhiyevskiy, and sophomore Kenneth Kim, it’s through music.     Specifically, the three students express their passion through their band, Vegan Fev...

And that’s a wrap!

And that's a wrap!

Mikayla Flores, Sports Editor

November 9, 2016

    As the fall season comes to a close, MV students must say goodbye to their fall sports for this year. Football, water polo, cross country, tennis, and golf will not be forgotten.     Football went undefeated up until the De La Salle Game. On a brighter side, Monte Vista crushed San Ramo...

The Cosmos are back for one last year

Grace Wensley, Editor-in-chief

November 9, 2016

    After a three year hiatus, the Cosmos are back on the soccer field.     The majority of this recreational, no cut level Mustang soccer team’s players are seniors at Monte Vista. These include, Megan Brear, Ashlyn Gonzales, Alyssa Rutchena, Callie Zeifang, Mattie Olson, Sierra Taylor...

Cultural Dance Club makes it name at MV

Punya Sidhu, Feature Editor

October 26, 2016

Sophomores Sahej Sidhu and Aditi Desai seized the opportunity to create a cultural dance club at Monte Vista this year. The pair decided to take their love of dance to the masses, allowing Monte Vista students to learn and experience South Asian dance. Sidhu, a co-founder and president, loves dan...

No port, no cord, yes problem!

The new iPhone 7 doesn't include a headphone jack unlike the iPhone 6; similarly, to Jack Sparrow when excluding the Jack.
(Courtesy of

Nicola Bezuidenhout, Staff Writer

October 26, 2016

The new iPhone 7 was released a few weeks ago, and the complaints are rising. Many students and adults with iPhones below the iPhone 7 are deciding to stick with their older versions. Why? Specifically, the headphone jack. Instead, Apple put its ‘wireless earbuds’ into store. These earbuds connect...

MV parent has success in tech world

Ian Walsh, Staff Writer

October 26, 2016

      Not many people can say they have shaped the world of technology compared to MV dad, Garry Kitchen.       From creating the home version of Donkey Kong to working on a #1 top sellers on the app store, Kitchen has made over 100 video games in his 30 year long career.    ...

Haunted House

Ian Walsh, Staff writer

October 24, 2016

    It’s almost Halloween, and the Monte Vista Haunted House is coming once again.     The Monte Vista theatre department and Leadership will be putting on the 2nd annual Haunted House October 27, 28, and 29. With more than twice the volunteers and time than last year, and due to a well-r...

And the final rose goes to…

And the final rose goes to...

Eshana Seshadri, Social Media Editor

October 24, 2016

     The season finale of the Bachelorette starring Jojo Fletcher reeled in a massive 9.5 million viewers. This being said, the hit television show has a very poor record on producing lasting couples-the record being one.      Out of the nineteen bachelors and bachelorettes ABC has work...

A minus the plus

The rumors describing the MV policy that A+’s would no longer be rewarded have been confirmed as false.  Although, it was recommended that teachers change the grading scale to no A+’s, many teachers paid no attention since they believed students earned the extra recognition.

Lauren Edelman, Online Editor

October 24, 2016

     It’s a well known fact: students love the glory of getting an A, but nothing compares to the overwhelming satisfaction of getting an A+. But, there are always those certain teachers that say a a 98% is only an A.      A rumor was spread during the beginning of the school year t...

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